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Burnbet Casino does not allow players from Virginia Virginia

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Burnbet Casino has closed it's virtual doors.

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Think the age of rogue pirates is long gone? Well, you should reconsider. Sometimes it is our infallible duty to point out the big scammers in online gambling industry for the sake of players' well-being. In this instance, they have done double damage to itself, first by dabbing into a downright illegal malpractice, namely hosting pirated video slots and then, unable to provide a valid explanation for this, made things much worse by engaging into a streak of bizarre, maniacal rants that turned to death threats. As if piracy wasn't a red flag enough, this sort of behavior is so scandalous and unacceptable that it is our opinion people should be warned about it since it indicates all you need to know about their understanding of business ethics.

The suspicion about Burnbet arose some months ago when repeated cries from their clients accusing them of slow payments and even non-withdrawals started circulating the internet. So, the popular feedback about them wasn't at all great, to begin with, and turns out, for a good reason. The investigation regarding the authenticity of their slot games was started by Latest Casino Bonuses, who revealed the deep shady involvement in illegal practice by Burnbet's high hierarchy. Although expertly replicated, games are all provided by the infamous distributor of pirated games, 2WinPower. They, in turn, are in ties with Novomatic Games a company of bad rep, responsible for actually creating the fake, pirated replicas of proper games from all the leading suppliers like Microgaming, NetEnt and others. LCB's team found a piece of code in these games on Burnbet's site, pointing to Novomatic's servers (in some instances, right-clicking on the game's Flash window revealed the address of https://gmtr3.com , which is used by 2WinPower). Loaders of these fake games differ to some subtle extent to the originals, as well, so you may notice that yourself. All of this was documented thoroughly on LCB website's report.

When faced with this charge, as well as being asked to comment the allegations of not paying out certain players, the staff made a clumsy response saying that there are too many players on their site and more of them have been paid than not . To their links with pirated software, they brushed that aside and only had to claim they are working on getting a new game supplier for their website in the coming months. Not a single word on removing the illegal software!

And that's when things turned nasty when officials resorted to threats of violence, with their CEO Tina making all sorts of ludicrous, bigoted statements about players from certain countries and urging LCB to take their report down. Around the same time - and in a manner worded similarly to Tina's rants, but with no definite proof that this was her in disguise certain individuals from Burnbet went as far as claiming they have ties with Slovenian mafia and that LCB's staff should be on the lookout because of their report. (!!!) It does not get any more scandalous than that.

This story goes on with even more shameful details, much more than we have space for on this page. Needless to say, there are enough violations here to make any court of justice busy for months and we do hope authorities react to these vile acts of a casino that got busted and cornered due to their fraudulent nature.

To make a long story short and stop beating the dead horse – avoid this casino at all cost! The blacklisting procedure that followed these events was met with high praise by virtually all players in multiple online casino communities. They're simply not worth wasting your time only to get burned (by the way, it is now evident that they base their name on their activities). There are so many genuine online casinos out there that provide great gaming experience, operate wonderfully and are not ran by suspicious characters bent for fraud.

Casino Info

📌 Jurisdiction Please visit website for more information
💰 Min Deposit €/£10
💸 Min Withdrawal €/£20
⏱️ Cashout Time E-wallets: 24 hours; Credit/Debit Cards/Bank Transfer: 2-7 business days
🤑 Cashout Limit €/£1,000 Monthly
📱 Mobile Android, iPhone, iPad
👍 Download available No

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Countries not supported

Burnbet Casino does not accept players from the following countries: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ontario, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, United States, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Wizard Endorsement Status

Burnbet Casino has not earned endorsement from the Wizard of Odds.

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Mário Santos

Mário Santos August 19, 2017 00:22

These thiefs deleted my sportsbooking account with 400 euros without any reason just to not pay me.


Allstarmikey August 14, 2017 11:34

Blacklisted and also looks very strange to me aswell when I browsed through their website ... Better avoid this place at all costs


Joni25 June 30, 2017 02:42

I think this is the worst casino I've ever seen. Criminals


JohnnyK June 28, 2017 10:47

I find their threats amusing. Fake games, terrible attitude, move to recycle bin.


princejuju June 27, 2017 19:11



zuga June 27, 2017 06:36

Note all LCB visitors: Burnbet still has FAKE games. Btw the new rogue report is live at this link: https://lcb.org/news/lcb-team-receives-death-threats-from-burnbet-casino @burnbet - we just found you have multiple accounts at our site.

Note all LCB visitors: Burnbet still has FAKE games. Btw the new rogue report is live at this link: https://lcb.org/news/lcb-team-receives-death-threats-from-burnbet-casino @burnbet - we just found you have multiple accounts at our site. Your other account goes under the name of bet1985, which has already posted a favorable comment about BurnBet ( pretty much shilling/plugging for this site ). This only goes to show your dishonesty. Now I will address the lies and misconceptions from your comment below one last time, because I will not be engaged in your poor PR damage control and trolling with utter LIES. 0. The original FB post ( made by alleged CEO Tinka ) was removed due to bigoted and racist slurs and blatant lies. The remaining FB posts which you made using another fake account were not removed by us, but by Facebook , which is done automatically once you ban the offending account. We have no control over it, and would gladly keep it as it shows your true colors. 1. The proof of all threats , including the death threats was published at the above link. 2. Yes we use the social media to alert players of all the news, including this rogue report. 3. I am sad to hear you have as many players as you claim to. It only shows why such reports like ours are important and critical in EDUCATING the players and playing SAFE. 4. Again you write bigoted comments about our visitors. We are an international site and most of our traffic is not coming from the Balkan countries ( not that there is anything wrong with players from that part of the world ). What you are trying ( so unsuccessfully ) to explain here is the player value which is absolutely fine, but instead you use bigoted and somewhat racist comments and generalizations which is NOT cool. 5. If u offer bonuses , players will act upon it and try to win. No one likes to lose at a casino. It just goes to show how little understanding you actually have about this industry. Now, your comment will not be removed since it only incriminates you even further, so thanks for making our job easier.

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burnbet June 26, 2017 11:14

Hi, we hope this post will not removed from Mr. Zuga because you already removed a lot of posts from Facebook. So, please Mr. Zuga please send a proof when we sent death threats. Because we do not remember this threats. After that we sent on yor wall and you removed.

Hi, we hope this post will not removed from Mr. Zuga because you already removed a lot of posts from Facebook. So, please Mr. Zuga please send a proof when we sent death threats. Because we do not remember this threats. After that we sent on yor wall and you removed. @nirvana still not getting what players wants. If player wants deposit on our website, and other website will be. For all possible way you want to do this, but unfortunately this does not work for you. Look: You shares more then 70x on Facebook. Our Google Analytics display we have a lot of visitors from your site and new registrations. You can add a lot of territble if you want. This is your decision. Your forum your decision. But please a lot of players read about us and if still wants deposit on website, Let him do what he wants, his money is! We have 10.000 players and 3.000 active every day on casino/sportsbook and if they want to play please leave to play here. You can shares on millions forums if you want, your problem. As we told you a few days ago we have China from Italy and Italy with a really hard wallet and they don't read your forums because this players working as play for fun and if lost they don't cry on forums or review with bad feedback. Simple they have a lot of money. So, Mr. Zuga removed from forums and they told you we can send here official posts. So, we hope this posts not will removed. Welcome players with low wallet no problem, but our primary point is big high roller and with big wallet and they don't cry if lost 50k-100k. In this forum we lost a lot of money in few days because a lot of players takes no deposit bonus 5€, and never go back. This problem have also other Casinos rooms from this site. Problem is because a lot of players do not have for food, not for gambling (we hope that we have not offended anyone, but unfortunately this is the truth.) So, this is our official letter from Admins from this forums and also: we are never send threats death. This is lies. Who lies here ask Mr. Zuga. So, we will add a bad review from us :) Regards from Burnbet!

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nirvana June 26, 2017 10:01

@nashek you really need to read their rogue report about this casino. I am amazed how ppl don't bother to read the reviews....


nashek June 26, 2017 09:57

Burnbet casino is a brand new site offering games from other provider, for those who like this style, the site may be interesting, otherwise you should move where your favourite games are, the good thing here is a sportsbook !


Anchi June 24, 2017 15:45

The status of this casino has been changed from warning to blacklist. Players are advised to play elsewhere.

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