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Last Updated: October 18, 2019

Introduction to some of the new table games at the 2019 Global Gaming Expo (part 1)

Before I get to today's newsletter, I have to pause for a quick word from our sponsor. Cyber Spins is have blackjack tournaments on October 18 and 20 with $1,000 in prize money in each. Personally, I love blackjack tournaments. Remember, in tournaments the object isn't to beat the dealer but to beat the other players. You will probably have to make at least one big move to win. Think of your chips as ammunition not to be wasted in the battle.

That said, as I write this on the morning of October 17, 2019, I have one more day to go at the annual Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. I believe this is my first 21st consecutive year, counting the years it went by the World Gaming Expo. It is always a tiring yet fun-filled experience. In this newsletter, I am going to introduce some of the new table games I saw the first two days, before I have to quickly jaunt back to the show.


As always, the honor for the first game mentioned goes to whichever one my favorite dealer, Angela, is promoting. This year is was Royal Flop Roulette, which I would call a roulette side bet. Briefly, the game assigns a card to all 38 spots on the wheel, deals two more from an actual deck of cards, and makes a three-card based side bet out of the poker-value of the three card values.


Next is a Monopoly themed big six game by Shuffle Master. If the outer wheel lands in Chance, then the inner wheel is spun to determine the outcome of Chance bets. Thanks to Heather Ferris of Vegas Aces and my Live Steam co-host for modeling.

Vegas Aces

Also by Shuffle Master is U-Turn Blackjack. This game uses a smart shuffler to tell the dealer and players how many total cards will be in the dealer hand. For example, if the dealer stops on two cards, then you know the dealer has a 17 to 20 (a blackjack is still revealed immediately). To pay for this, if the dealer draws to 22, then all bets left standing push. I probably lingered at this table a bit too long.

Dice Ball

Next is Diceball, a simplified version of craps I have seen at the casinos in Zurich and Amsterdam. Both times I saw it, the game was closed at the time, so it was nice to actually see it live for once.

Lucky 9

Finally, for today, is Lucky 9 by Galaxy Gaming. I think I can say this is like baccarat with free will. The dealer always acts last and has a fixed strategy. The catch, if I remember correctly, is a player score of 2 or less is an automatic loss.

That's all for this quick newsletter. More about the show next week.