2018 Cutting Edge Best New Table Game Winners -- 11/8/2018

I apologize for the late newsletter, but I was busy with the 2018 Cutting Edge table game show the last two days. For those who don't know, this is a primarily a trade show for table game executives, but is also a showcase for new table games, especially from independent game inventors. I had some kind of relationship with almost every presenter in the room. You can see my many videos from previous shows in my videos page at Wizard of Odds.

For this newsletter, let me announce and introduce the winners of the best new table games competition, as decided by table game executives who attended the show.

Bronze: Multiplier Blackjack

This is blackjack with a side bet added, based on both the outcome of the player's hand and the dealer's. To win, the player must win the blackjack wager by the dealer busting. If the player busts first, the side bet loses. The win depends on the card that caused the dealer to bust.

Silver: Ricochet Poker

This is much like a poker-based game I played as a teenager called "no peekie." To begin, ever player puts an equal amount into the pot. Then, each player gets two cards face up. Then, the lowest hand must wager more into the pot to improve or fold. From memory 40 years ago (seems like yesterday) and play for fun at the show, it creates some pretty large pots and is a fun social game. Unlike other player vs. player games I've seen, in this one the dealer plays too.

Gold: Poker Burnout

This a game currently at the Saratoga in Blackhawk, Colorado. I have a full analysis of the game at Wizard of Odds already. Briefly, the object is to create the best poker hand you can. The game allows the player to pick his best two out of three cards and two opportunities to raise his bet.

I'd like to congratulate the winners and wish that their table game dreams of being the next Derek Webb (inventor of Three Card Poker) come true. All of them are very much nice people.