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Last Updated: June 20, 2019

Wizard Of Odds Weekly Update June 20, 2019

Since last week, I found out that a movie I shot an interview for years ago is finally is out. The movie is Inside the Edge, a true account of a card counters journey all over America playing blackjack professionally. The trailer can explain it much better than I can.

Inside the Edge

In addition to following the adventures of KC, various experts, including me, give commentary on the details. It is a great cast of experts and I'm proud to be among them. If your impression of card counting comes from Rain Man or the movie 21, I urge you to see this movie to correct the many misconceptions you must have. Even if you already know the basics of card counting, this movie introduces other advantage plays in blackjack, namely hole carding, ace locating, and shuffle tracking.

Michael Shackleford

Through a journey somebody with a hidden camera follows KC and sometimes captures incidents of him being made to stop playing. This has run the gamut of a polite "No more blackjack for you" to what I would call illegal kidnapping to the back room and chip seizures. To be honest, I think the player may have played overly aggressively to prompt these confrontations for the hidden camera. He did say things to the effect that he wanted to move onto something new after said road trip. He didn't seem to mind going out in a blaze of glory.

Where or how can I watch the movie, you might ask? Personally I watched it on iTunes, but hear its available on Amazon as well. You can also buy the DVD or Blue Ray on Amazon.

As for me, I'm proud to say that thanks to the producers I now have an IMDB listing. Don't confuse me with that other actor by the same name who appeared on Fantasy Island. Shortly after my listing was added, I added an appearance on another documentary on pokies, what they call slot machines in Australia.

My question for now is how do I get the paparazzi to pay attention to me?

Discussion about Inside the Edge in my forum at Wizard of Vegas.