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Soul Reading

For my 55th birthday, four days ago, a good friend gave me a soul reading. I'm told the only input the reader had was my name. Here is what he came back with.

Divine Soul Purpose Reading Michael Whitney Shackleford

Your soul is a cosmic engineer of the universe; it’s got information and experience that is invaluable to the creation of a new Earth. You can work with the very fabric of life, DNA. It wouldn’t surprise me if you had an urge to become a scientist in this life.

Your divine soul purpose is to assist in bringing grass roots change to the Earth and assist in raising the vibration of humanity. Though, this cannot be achieved by using the normal mind.

Your intuitive soul mind contains the answers to the puzzles your logical mind is trying to find solutions for.

You have a wonderful blue communication energy that strongly connects you to the divine control center of the universe, but there is more that adds to your brilliance.

You have brought with you tons of spiritual gifts and divine aspects, however at this moment they are fighting to be heard and have space in your life.

It is important to create an inner spiritual manager that can be the conductor of this orchestra of greatness.

You know we can think we trust divinity and its plans, but thinking isn’t enough. You need to feel your divinity, that way it transforms any doubts and fills many spaces that are waiting to be filled by the divine touch.

Another aspect of your divine soul purpose is to focus all your gifted aspects and make a working team out of them, this will then illuminate your soul’s path on Earth.

So, what can be done to assist your divine soul purpose coming to Earth?

It appears you have a critical mind and this critical mind is creating doubts and blockage to your connection with your soul.

Please treat yourself more gently and become aware when you are being self-critical. Observe those critical thoughts but don’t react on them.

This way they will dissolve and create space for a better inner world and a stronger connection to your soul and the universe.

Once this critical aspect is more peaceful, you will gain a stronger connection to your soul. This will greatly enhance your soul purpose. It will also clear the way for stronger communication with the universe.

When the critical mind is at rest the soul mind can come more into your life. Ultimately, it is teamwork between your logical and intuitive mind. They both need each other, and none should be more dominant than the other.

Invite your soul into your life, simply by saying the words; when your soul is more concretely in your life, it brings with it the magic and energies that are needed to open your spiritual path and soul purpose for you.

You will know when your soul is more present because you will get powerful knowings that are beyond your mind and sometimes tingles on your body that are indications that divine love is working with you.

Catacombs of Paris

Catacombs of Paris

My response is that I don't believe in souls, but neither do I disbelieve in them. With all such unproven theories, I believe the intelligent position is to assume the negative until the positive is proven.

While parts of this reading ring somewhat true, I think anybody could receive a vague reading such as this and cherry pick the parts that seem true and come away feeling better. Who doesn't want to seem important -- that the Universe has some divine purpose in mind for him/her? Isn't that the message of every alter call?

To this specific reading, here are parts that do ring true to me:

  • The part about having an urge to be a scientist is basically true. I think I would have made a pretty good one.
  • I do love puzzles and I grappling with them -- from the easy to unsolved by anybody. Somehow, I do think the answers to some of the best unsolved problems in math, in particular involving prime numbers, are staring us in the face. For the good part of a year, I was obsessed with solving the Eternity II Puzzle. I tend to agree the answers are intuitive in nature.
  • I absolutely have a critical mind that is very skeptical and doubtful (those mean the same thing, Wiz).
  • I am very self-critical and make no apologies for that. I don't need to be made aware of it. I think the world would be a better place if we judged ourselves more harshly and others more leniently.

Here are things I disagree with (or maybe am just not aware of the truth of):

  • I reject the idea that I have any spiritual or divine gifts. I am just a math geek trying to promote math and how it can be applied when gambling.
  • I strongly reject the idea that I have an "orchestra of greatness." I'm just an average person. I am one ant in the anthill we call earth. Hopefully, I contribute more to the colony than I take from it, but I make no claims that I do.
  • How can I invite my soul into my life when I don't believe it exists. I identify most with those whose feet are planted firmly on the ground and live in reality. I'm perfectly content with how I am now. Yes, I could be a better person, and challenge myself to do that.

All things considered, I think this soul reading was a glorified fortune cookie. Then again, maybe I'm wrong. As to the big questions about the Universe and the meaning of life -- I'm okay with letting the mystery be.