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Last Updated: July 12, 2003

July 12, 2003

Casino King promotion

Last week several people asked me if blackjack was allowed on the Casino King promotion. The reason for the confusion was I did not list it as an excluded game, when it is listed as excluded on the Casino King web site for their ordinary new player promotion. I'm happy to say that blackjack is allowed for this promotion per Casino King management and you can still play the promotion. 

Some people also had trouble clicking through the banner and just went to the Casino King web site on their own. From now on I'll have a text link under the newsletter advertisements to use if clicking through the banner doesn't work. If you do play a promotion please click through my banners or text links, that is the only way I get credit, and ultimately it is playing the advertisers that keeps the site going.  Here, try it now.

Gone Gambling cross promotion

In other news I am part of a Gone Gambling cross promotion between,,,, and of course my site. By signing up for the newsletter at all these other sites you will be eligible for weekly cash and casino account drawings. Each week each webmaster picks an e-mail at random from their newsletter list and the other webmasters look for it on their own lists. For example last week the winner from my list started with "vorab@" but unfortunately he or she did not appear on all the other newsletter lists and so did not win. The odds of winning are not bad and since there's no cost to enter this promotion has a positive expected value for you. I encourage you to sign up for the newsletters at the other sites. Here's more information about the promotion.

Arbitration of a dispute

Finally I'd like to comment on an incident last week. I had to arbitrate a dispute between a player and a casino advertising on my site. The player played the terms of a bonus almost exactly, cashed out, and then tried to play through the bonus of an affiliated casino. Knowing the player was obviously a bonus player they initially refused the second bonus, however at my urging later paid him. The lesson to be learned here is if you are only in it for the bonus don't be so obvious about it. Play a lot more than the required amount, I'd say 50% more at least. It also doesn't look good if you bet small and either have a small win or small loss gambling. Casinos like true gamblers so if you can stand the volatility I encourage you to bet big. Personally on small bonuses ($200 and under) I try to double my bankroll or go bust trying. Please also consider playing video poker if full pay Jacks or Better if offered, as is the case with Playtech casinos. Almost all bonus players play blackjack so video poker sets you apart from them.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, set your expectations high.