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Gambling isn't everything. In this page we list some miscellaneous games and calculators that are not gambling related that don't easily fit into any other category on the site. We hope you enjoy what you find here!

Smarty Pants 5

smarty pants 5

Wordle is a popular word game by the New York Times. The object is similar to Master Mind, in the the player tries to find a hidden code in as few turns as possible. However, in this case, the game uses letters and both guesses and solutions must be valid five-letter words. I love Wordle, but regret I can play once a day only. To remedy that problem, I created Smarty Pants 5, which follows the same structure as Wordle, except the player may enter any date and play against the word we associated with that day.

Smarty Pants 6

smarty pants 6

Smarty Pants 6 is the same thing as Smarty Pants 5, except based on six-letter words.

Wiz Calc

Wiz Calc

Is it just me, or are you bothered by calculators that are limited to about 15 significant digits, like Excel? Well, wish no further, for the Wiz Calc is a calculator that provides answers to 266 significant digits. Who needs more than that?

Actuarial Calculator

Wiz Calc

This calculator will estimate how many more years you have left and the probability of reaching any given future age you specify.