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Smarty Pants 6


This game plays by the same rules as Wordle, except the goal is to find a six-letter word.

Here are the full rules, if you're not already familiar with Wordle.

Like Wordle, this game assigns a unique solution to each date. Unlike Wordle, you may enter any date you wish.

Select the month:

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Turn 1:

Turn 2:

Turn 3:

Turn 4:

Turn 5:

Turn 6:

Turn 7:

Turn 8:


This game was created with all due respect and attribution to Wordle.

There are 5,496 allowed words to use as guesses, which I mostly culled from Mieliestronk's list of more than 58,000 English words. I used all six-letter words on that list, except if the last letter was S and the other five formed a valid five-letter word. I recognize this caused me to incorrectly remove some words like CARESS, which was incorrectly marked as a plural of cares. I also noticed that the words flavor, vagina and snitch were missing from Mieliestronk's list, so I added those in. That list generally favors the English English spelling.

I would like to thank Ed Collins for his help with the word lists.

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