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Financial and banking institutions have offered all kinds of online payment processing methods since their first inventions. Nowadays, their users are practically able to choose from dozens of ways to have their funds processed. What is more, credit cards and additional services even allow them to make use of funds that aren’t theirs.

The risk of running into debts has been a key consideration for the choice of a proper payment processing method. Nevertheless, while this mostly depends on the individual’s financial practices, there are other features that you can objectively select for the optimal payment processing experience.


These types of services pay the most attention to their security.

This covers everything...

... from protection of the funds stored on their servers, through the level of encryption used to protect their transfer, all the way to the different authorizations for debiting or crediting a certain account.

Still, considering the nature of these institutions, most jurisdictions around the world have already established separate regulatory bodies intended to inspect and ensure proper operations. Even if these differ in terms of authority and reputability, it is still advisable to go with a payment method that has obtained authorization than one that hasn’t.

In light of many other features these payment methods offer, their geographical focus is definitely a key one worth mentioning. After all, interested customers can solely choose from eligible ones, and it is often a tough call between a local, dedicated processor and an international, global service available on desktop, mobile and more. The following banking option is definitely a good choice, combining the best of both worlds.

About UnionPay

UnionPay is one of the lead runner-ups to today’s global payment processing giants Visa and MasterCard. While it has managed to achieve coverage almost as expansive and reliable as theirs, it has still retained focus on their initial market – China.

The UnionPay payment processing company...

... was founded back in the early 2002, as a joint effort of some of its most prominent banking institutions:

  • The Agricultural Bank of China
  • The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • The Bank of China
  • The China Construction Bank.

In its starting years, the payment service...

... has been completely focused on providing the top products to one of the largest markets worldwide.

At first, Chinese residents...

... have been able to get a UnionPay debit card issued at their local bank and use it at a wide range of land-based and online retailers. Soon enough, they have additionally been provided options such as credit and prepaid cards, as well as branded cards, allowing customers to choose terms of use that suit their payment needs best.

Throughout the years...

... the Chinese payment method has become available in a number of international e-commerce platforms. And with the interest growing among residents of other countries for this accessible, reliable and rather convenient payment method, UnionPay International soon made its way into the public.

For the foundation and initial promotion of UnionPay International, up to 67 of the most prominent banking institutions globally have been included in the founding process. These institutions span across the globe, covering the following regions as illustrated straight from their international website:

Throughout the years
  • Chinese mainland
  • Europe
  • Northeast Asia
  • Africa
  • Southeast Asia and South Pacific
  • North America
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Central and South America.

This has seen the UnionPay brand expanding over 174 countries where it can be used with various merchants in order for customers to process their payments. Moreover, the cards can be issued in 54 of these nations globally, which ultimately helps the service achieve some of the best user experiences.

How to Get Started with UnionPay?

If you are looking to get started with this payment processing service, there are a few things you need to make sure of first. Eligibility to use this service is a key consideration, so it is best that you start from there, and work your way through the various banking products and services that would fit your financial habits the best.

Once you have found where you are eligible to request a UnionPay card, all that is left is to follow the procedure. Most of the time, institutions will issue your chosen card straight away, while on other occasions, you may have to wait a few days to have it delivered to your specified address. Either way, all you need to do is explained below:

  1. First thing you need to do when interested in getting a UnionPay card is to head to the nearest branch office of the bank where it is eligible. Sometimes, it may be useful to conduct an online search beforehand in case they have a full application service available.
  2. Most cases turn to the land-based bank office, where all you have to do is ask the teller about an application form for the UnionPay card they issue in their bank. In case they offer all their products, you will need to specify this in the form.
  3. Depending on your choice of debit, credit or prepaid card, the bank will process the form and if necessary, look closer into your credit line. Depending on this, some issuers will provide you with a card straight away, while others will send it via mail.

In case you are interested in making land-based or online payments with something other than your card, there are additional options available:

  • App: The UnionPay mobile app allows users from 35 countries outside of mainland China to use their mobile phones in order to make payments and points of sale as well as e-merchants. The app features a token for further protection and allows residents from countries like Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Russia and Singapore, among others, to enjoy much greater accessibility to their funds.
  • QR code scan: The popularity of smartphones has called for their inclusion into financial management. QR codes are one of the most innovative ways of processing payments – each charge or price bears a unique code that can be scanned through the camera lens of your mobile device and later used to transfer funds by deploying it in the right app.
  • Wearable payment devices: Wearable devices are yet another trend that has resulted out of the numerous tech advances. UnionPay has thus provided a range of wrist devices with displays that have special features to process payments straight from the banking account linked with your respective card.
UnionPay Online Casinos

UnionPay Online Casinos

The Chinese online gambling market...

... is filled with loads of potential, and there is more than enough opportunity for everyone provided the services are reliable and trustworthy. That is why the UnionPay payment processing option has been widely accepted and preferred over a range of other banking methods.

Online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms and other gambling operators catering to people outside of China have been just as willing to include the option on their platforms. With growing interests about the practice, its volume of transactions has gone up just as much.

Online Casino Deposits

Step 1: Find an online casino that meets all your player needs and still features this method on their Banking/Cashier page. While this may have been more challenging in the past, nowadays, there are much more operators willing accepting deposits using this payment method. Check out the game selection and the Bonus and Promotions page just to be sure and go on with the process.

Step 2: Next thing to do is actually enrol for an account at the casino. You will need to register for a new account, or log in with your existing one – either way, once you are in the casino lobby, head for the banking section and click on UnionPay.

Step 3: Considering that it has spread out to cover numerous regions since its founding years, the UnionPay option will most likely detect your geo location and provide the appropriate banking institutions. Once you have chosen your issuing bank, all you need to do is input the details of the card you hold in your possession. Most of the time, this will include the name of the holder, number of the card, expiration date and the CVV code on its back for security purposes.

Step 4: Before finalizing the transaction, it is important to make sure you enter the amount you’d like to deposit. In this regard, check for your limits beforehand, as well as your card balance just to be sure you have enough available funds or line of credit to complete the transaction. If that is not the case, the transfer is simply cancelled.

Withdrawing from Online Casinos

Those that have managed to deposit...

... at the top UnionPay casinos and spin a reward or two will most likely be interested in cashing out those funds. Theoretically speaking, the service is completely able to process transfers in both directions; nevertheless, the number of online casinos approved for withdrawal requests processing is much lower.

In case players are unable to choose the same banking method for their cashouts, they will turn to alternatives. UnionPay’s largest competitors, such as Visa and MasterCard are among the top choices for payouts, as well as PayPal, direct bank wire, newer e-wallet services and even cryptocurrencies the likes of Bitcoin.

Pros and Cons Casinos


  • Global coverage – The company’s brand name has become a recognizable entity in the world of reliable finances. Payments made with UnionPay cards are no longer confined to the China mainland, and this has definitely benefited their customers. Nowadays, card holders are able to travel to far-flung regions and use their funds at remote merchant locations, all with the help of a single banking solution.
  • Reliability – Founded by the top banking authorities in the country, this service has learned to value this feature since its earliest beginnings. The services provided by UnionPay are legitimate, secure and completely user-oriented; as a result, reliability has always ranked high in relation to their banking method.
  • Security – The strict advanced measures imposed by the company protect its operations from any outside interference. Encryption certificates have ensured that nothing is intelligible to outside parties, while additional security and protection measures prevent the event from happening.
  • Diversity of services – A major advantage that has certainly benefited the UnionPay customer base is their range of services. Ever since their founding years, there have been dedicated teams in the company working on keeping up with the latest achievements in tech. As a result, customers nowadays can pay using QR codes, mobile apps and even wearable devices aside from using their regular card and PIN code.


  • Fee charges – An international service such as this one is bound to distribute their services to separate institutions. These banks can differ on a number of features, and one is the charging of fees for use of the service. The price customers pay for using their UnionPay card depend on their country of residence, local laws, tax policies, as well as the specific terms of use of the institution.
  • Amount limits – A considerable number of online casino operators tend to impose rather strict and low deposit limits for their UnionPay deposits. While this may not be an issue for novices, it is definitely going to put off a lot of high rollers looking to place bigger bets.

UnionPay Casinos

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What are the specific fees for using UnionPay at online casino sites?

The specific fees depend on the bank issuing the cards, as well as the specific casino that approves and processes these payments. Hence, you will need to consult their terms and conditions before getting into business with them.

Which countries are able to use UnionPay for both deposits and withdrawals?

Availability of UnionPay deposits and withdrawals more directly depend on the casino at matter, although the jurisdiction could additionally influence whether and where it is used as a banking method.

Where can I get the UnionPay prepaid card – is it the same as the other products or with a different procedure?

Interested players can follow the same procedure; alternately, they are able to get a prepaid card by applying for it online straight from the official website.

Which bonus offers would be available at these casinos?

All top casino bonuses are available to players that choose to play and deposit using this method at their operators.

What languages are available at the UnionPay banking method official website?

The website dedicated to their international services along with their Chinese-dedicated brand features a range of language versions in order to allow customers all over the world to understand the information provided there. This includes the ones coming from Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Kazakhstan and Cambodia.