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The online gambling industry in India is flourishing; new operators keep on joining the market, and new players emerge left and right, and they are all in search of simple yet effective payment methods to use – that's where NetBanking kicks in. This is one of the most popular methods in the country, offering users the most cost-efficient and easy transactions. It appeared on the online gambling scene when players needed it the most, and is here to stay. Why choose to use NetBanking as your payment method across Indian online casinos?

About NetBanking

In 2016, when Indian users were in desperate need of a convenient and effortless online payment solution, appeared NetBanking. This is a solution that offers an online banking service, allowing users to make all kinds of payments and purchases over the internet. Internet-based solutions were rare in the country at the time, so when this solution appeared, it solved the problems of millions of users.

With modern solutions like eWallets on the rise, NetBanking appeared when users needed it the most, allowing them to make the most cost-efficient transactions across the internet, launched by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). And the moment it went live, it took off immediately and became one of the most popular methods used by Indian users.

The service the solution provides is exactly what’s implied in its name – internet banking. In other words, it facilitates transactions over the internet, even though at its core, it is actually an electronic funds transfer solution. It connects banks and users, to eCommerce sites, and vice versa, so basically, you can do with it anything you would do via your bank account, only online.

You don’t need to visit your bank every time you need to make a payment; with this solution, you can make any transaction over the internet. Don’t worry though; considering it is net-based, it implements the latest security measures to protect your funds and the transfer of data, each time you’re using it. As an added layer of protection, you can rely on the measures implemented by your bank, so overall, the solution is perfectly safe to use.

Having all of these pieces of information in mind, it should be of no shock to you to learn that the solution has quickly become a hit among online casino players from India. In fact, when it first launched, it immediately solved millions of Indian online casino players’ problems; previously, they could rarely find a method that would be as cost-efficient and convenient as NetBanking. Therefore, the solution got accepted by the leading Indian casinos and offered to all players interested in using it. If such a player, continue reading to find out how to get started with it.

Getting Started with It

As you've assumed from what you've read so far, the first criterion you need to meet to start using the solution is to have an account opened with any of the leading Indian banks. You probably have one, though, since the solution has partnered with leaders like ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda, Induslnd Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India and Bank of India. But don’t worry; even if you don’t have one active, opening a bank account with any of these banks is extremely easy.

You’d need to visit one of these banks and fill out an application form, providing basic personal details and some required ID documents. The bank will activate your account as soon as it processes the data you provided, basically in several minutes, up to half an hour.

While at the bank, make sure you ask the bank representative to activate your online banking profile, too, and give you your credentials to access it, plus give you a separate ID and password to get NetBanking access. So, you’ll have two different credentials, one for your online banking profile and one for this service. As long as you've got them, you can proceed and visit an online casino to join to make your first deposit with this incredible method.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with NetBanking?

We've mentioned this already, but it is worth reinstating. This solution is accepted across most if not all, online casinos catering to Indian players. Since it has become one of the most popular methods in the country, users are interested in it and operators are offering it to respond to their demand.

And since the online gambling industry grows in the country by the minute, with developers eager to grow their Indian footprint, you’ll get plenty of sites to explore, offering the best games ever to play, to have an all-encompassing and pleasant online gambling experience. As soon as you locate the site for you, create your account with it.

To make a deposit with NetBanking, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Head over to your chosen casino’s Deposits/Banking page.
  2. Locate NetBanking’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, access your online banking account and use your credentials to access the NetBanking service.
  4. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit.
  5. Confirm the transaction and watch the money arrive in your balance in a few minutes.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Let us clear the way right here; while deposits are processed basically in real-time, withdrawals with the solution won't be as fast. While they are possible, and as easily requested, as you’d need to go through the same steps as described for depositing, it will take a couple of days for them to be processed.

What happens is, the casino will need to review your request, check whether you have any bonus conditions left unmet, and then eventually approve it; after that, the solution needs to process the transaction and that’s why your winnings will reach your bank account in a few days.

Fees and Limits

No fees are charged on NetBanking’s part when you’re making a transaction via the service. This is a fee-free solution, designed to serve Indian users in the most cost-efficient and convenient way. The NPCI created it with the purpose of offering users a solution to all of their problems related to banking, and that’s why it comes with no fees.

Keep in mind, though, since there are banks on both sides of the transfer, some bank-related fees may apply. These are usually small fees charged per transaction, so you’ll barely notice them, but worth mentioning.

Also, before you decide on the casino to join to start using the solution, make sure you check whether the one you chose charges fees, as well. Some operators charge fees for some payment methods, so double-check whether any fees related to this solution are charged.

Allowed Countries

NetBanking is exclusive to India and Indian users. Since it collaborates with leading Indian banks and was designed by the NPCI to serve Indian citizens, unless you are one, you won’t be able to use it.

Not only that, but you also must meet other conditions in order to use it. You must be an Indian citizen that has an active bank account with one of the leading Indian banks, ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda, Induslnd Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India or Bank of India. So, if you don't have one, you'd need to visit the nearest branch of any of these banks and open an account, making sure you activate your online banking profile and get your credentials to get access to the service.

Available Currencies

Naturally, having in mind all that you’ve read here, it should not surprise you to learn that the Indian rupee is the default currency when using NetBanking. As a solution available only in India and to Indian players, it is only natural that the country’s native currency is the default one.

But since this is a service that is offered by leading Indian banks, facilitating the transfer of funds through bank accounts, you could use other currencies, too, if you have a foreign currency account. Some of the currencies you might be able to use are US, Canadian and Australian dollars, euros, Swiss francs and UK pounds, to name a few. Of course, be prepared to pay a conversion fee if you’re using a foreign currency when transacting with the solution.

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Does the solution offer Customer Support?

Considering this is a service offered through banks, it does not offer Support on its own; in fact, you’d need to contact a bank Support agent in order to get answers to any questions you may have or any problems you might be experiencing when using this solution. You can also contact your casino’s Support agents, via many different means, to get the promptest answers to questions/problems related to deposits/withdrawals with the solution.

Can I access the NetBanking service via my smartphone?

Sure thing. Regardless of whether you're using a smartphone, tablet or desktop device, you can access the service as long as your device is connected to the internet. And, by default, you can make deposits and withdrawals with it via a mobile device, as long as you’ve joined a mobile Indian casino.

How can I be sure the solution is legit and safe to use?

Other than the fact that it was launched by the National Payment Corporation of India, as a guarantee for safety, the solution uses the latest protection measures, plus the measures and security systems implemented by the banks themselves. So, you can rest assured that this is a completely safe and legit solution to use across Indian casinos.

How many casinos offer NetBanking so far?

We said that most, if not all, casinos catering to Indian players are already offering the solution, with new ones joining in on the fun as we speak. That’s why we cannot pinpoint a number, but you can be certain that you’ll have a vast variety of sites to explore to find the one that would suit you most.

Can I use its services even if I’m not in India at the moment?

Sure. As long as you’re an Indian citizen with an active account with one of the partnered banks, you can use NetBanking’s service even if you’re not in the country. That’s how incredible the solution is; as long as you’re meeting the criteria to get started with it, you can use it no matter where you are at the moment of making the transaction.

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