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The Internet, along with its many tech advantages, brought about a need for new and more modern ways to tackle everyday matters. People were left with less time to complete their tasks, but compensated with a number of services that facilitated these operations for them.

Booking a flight, scheduling an appointment, conducting an interview or holding a fully fledged business meeting has become all the more available. A number of solutions, platforms and applications are continuously helping people meet deadlines, complete tasks and enjoy their advantages.

The banking and financial sector has been keeping track of these innovations and closely reflected them in their own way. In other words, their particular innovations in the field of payment facilitation and cashless online transactions were the primary driver towards such major progress. From general services to dedicated processing apps for particular niche industry segments, today’s world of e-commerce can largely be credited to the various e-wallets, prepaid processing services, online facilitators and more.

About the E-Wallet


...is one such modern service that has enabled both online customers and merchants to enjoy modern conveniences through efficient and secure payments. It is an e-wallet solution issued by the company MIR Limited UK Ltd, working to optimize the way people are able to conduct online transactions.

The e-wallet service...

... they provide may be called MuchBetter, but its unique set of features often result in it being described as ‘one of the best’. It is a simple, intuitive, accessible and greatly rewarding payment method, currently providing a massive merchants base that has partnered with the service to enable their customers to make safe and easy payments.

What is more, it is created as a mobile app, meaning you can take it on the go, and use it whenever you need to make a payment.

How to Get Started with the E-Wallet?

Getting started with this e-wallet service is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the steps of the sign-up procedure and before you know it, you’ll be instantly directed to your own account.

Step 1: Open the official MuchBetter website and click on the link to ‘get the app’. This will direct you straight to a download link of the app, in accordance to your OS specifications. Alternatively, you can also visit your Google Play Store or Apple App Store and find it there. Just wait for the download and installation process to complete and get started with the MuchBetter experience on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: First-time users will need to register for the service through its simple signup form. It asks for basic personal information – name, surname, email address, and most importantly phone number. This number will serve users later on as a sort of ID, a username for the app. In the end, make sure you think of a good 4-digit PIN code that will be immediately confirmed as you password.

Step 3: Once you input this information, the app unlocks most of its features and users can start off their MuchBetter online experience. Considering that they are predominantly targeting gaming websites, the fun rarely ends. For full authorization, you will need to provide a scanned document for identification – ID or passport. After the confirmation, however, you will be freely available to use all the services as you please.

MuchBetter Payment Processing

MuchBetter Payment Processing Services & Solutions

The main reason behind this e-wallet’s success story is the quality of its payment processing services. MuchBetter allows for mobile device holders to directly fund their online gaming and gambling accounts, transfer money from one location to another, or pay for any goods or services.

  • Online Transactions

This primary type of transactions is limited to a minimum of £/$/€10, and as long as you comply with the service’s policy, there shouldn’t be any issues. Once your registration has been confirmed, you are free to use the e-wallet for this and any of the additional services offered, as soon as you top up.

The e-wallet can be funded...

... by credit and debit cards from all the major issuers – MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, or directly through your bank account. For those going through their credit card, simply input the information of the card like you normally do when paying with it. This includes specifying the card holder’s name (which must coincide with yours), the card number, expiration date and CVV code.

On the other hand...

... bank account funding is done directly from the e-wallet where the process is initiated and then completed through your bank branch or online platform. You will only need to enter the account and the respective bank, as well as the amount. Before conducting the transfer, players will also be asked to confirm that they are the actual account holders – a code is normally sent to the bank account, evident in the transaction record or received directly via SMS. This code is required on the e-wallet platform in order to link the two accounts and complete the transaction.

  • Gift Cards

Apart from making regular transactions to and from your favourite sites, you have a MuchBetter option for dedicating a gift to your loved ones. The e-wallet contains a range of e-gift cards from multiple merchants and in diverse values – just specify the recipient through their mobile phone number and personalize your gift card. This operation is just as instant and secure as any other performed by the service – recipients will be able to claim the gift through a secure link.

  • Reward Points

As it turns out, this e-wallet is practically the gift that keeps on giving. Before the ID verification is completed, you may be slightly limited in the transaction amounts, but once users are fully authorized, they can fund their e-wallet, pay with it or withdraw funds to it as they wish. The best part about all this is that they actually get rewarded for it.

up-to-date transactions

For each $10 (or respective currency equivalent) used to top up your e-wallet, or spent on gifts, users collect 1 point. The same is applied every time the user makes a deposit to a gaming operator, or simply transfers funds as a peer-to-peer transaction to a friend or family member.

Each week, the amount of points they manage to collect is entered as a single ticket per point in a weekly Free Draw’. During the draw, users can win two $100 rewards, and 320 users will cash in $2.5 as a boost to start off the new week.

  • Actual Devices

While up-to-date transactions are normally wireless or completely digital, there are still a large number of individuals which function better with a tangible device. For this purpose, MuchBetter have actually issued a MasterCard prepaid card, as well as a wearable device. The card is slightly limiting, as it is solely available across the territory of the EEA, but the device can be used at any retail location that bears the corresponding ‘wireless’ symbol.

MuchBetter as an Online Casino Banking Method

Considering the variety of additional services provided by the company, there is hardly any doubt about its primary type of operations. Transacting to gaming platforms is an expertise for this team, and they are definitely on the right track judging by their success rate.

The process of depositing and withdrawing to and from such sites using this banking method is as straightforward as most of its other services. Nevertheless, since you’re already trying to turn the odds in your favour when it comes to the game selection, it’s advisable to eliminate any other factors.

How to Make MuchBetter Online Casino Deposits?

  1. The first thing anyone should do when looking to fund their online casino account with this mobile e-wallet is to check for its availability. Its company policy has made it accessible for players worldwide, with only a handful of jurisdiction in the ‘restricted’ category, but it’s still a welcome move.
  2. Make sure to register or sign into your existing account at the casino, and head straight to the Cashier/Banking section. Here, players should select the icon for this banking method and input the corresponding information.
  3. The new window which will show up on the screen doesn’t actually ask for too much information. In fact, players can simply input their phone number, doubling as a user ID for the e-wallet, and the amount they would wish to transfer to their online casino account.
  4. Once players confirm the transaction, the funds will be instantly available at the platform, ready to be used for all your online gambling activities.

How to Request MuchBetter Online Casino Withdrawals?

  1. Considering you were lucky enough to collect a few winnings, it is only expected that you will want to get the money for your own needs. Players are supposed to start off from the same point as in the case with deposits – at the Banking section.
  2. Choosing to have the money credited from your player account to your e-wallet is the next step of the process. Select MuchBetter as your withdrawal method, input your phone number and the amount you wish to cash out and confirm the transaction.
  3. This process may not be as instantaneous as the previous one – the casino needs to make sure that the cashout can be authorized, and the e-wallet must process it through their payment channel to your specific address. Hence, such transactions normally take up to three days to complete.
Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Security – The level of security provided by his payment processing service is among the top in the industry. Apart from the standard certification, they are further authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under their rigorous inspection criteria. What is more, security measures implemented by MuchBetter additionally include verification codes, device pairing and even Touch ID for devices equipped with one.
  • Ease of use – Despite combining so many features and boasting a complex network of measures, the e-wallet is completely and perfectly intuitive. Its connection to the mobile phone has further contributed to its popularity, especially with today’s smartphones becoming a mandatory part of everyday life.
  • Platform integration – Merchants deciding to accept and include the e-wallet in their list of banking methods additionally experience some benefits. The greatest of them is the integration capabilities of the app – it is able to fit all kinds of e-commerce platforms and adapt to various themes, layouts or services.
  • Speed of transactions – Most deposits at online casinos are instant nowadays, but other transactions such as p2p, cashouts and even gift card purchases can be rather lengthy. MuchBetter reduces the processing time to a minimum, and its reward program makes sure that it is undoubtedly worth the wait.
  • Widespread use – Throughout the years, the e-wallet has spread its offering to new parts of the world, and is nowadays available across the globe.

Still, there are some things which seem as a shortcoming to users of the e-wallet:

  • Country restrictions for online casinos – While the service itself is available in the majority of countries, not all online casino jurisdictions are legally allowed to use it as a banking method. Hence, in order to stay compliant with such provisions, the e-wallet has repealed their operations from the respective territories.
  • Some fee charges – While they are still significantly lower than those charged by other companies of the same kind, there is still some amount to be paid.

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What is the range of fees charged by the e-wallet, and for which services specifically?

Fees apply when users decide to fund their e-wallet using credit and debit cards, as well as other e-wallets such as Giropay and Sofort – from 1.4% to 1.65%. The Cash-to-code service will charge you with a 5.5%, while a currency conversion fee is also charged at the rate of 0.99%, in cases when there are cross-border transactions or ATM withdrawals.

Which contact channels are available for users wishing to address the customer support?

The site of the service offers a rather well-equipped FAQ knowledgebase that allows players to find the answer themselves. This is available in a range of languages, including Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Norwegian, all in order to cater to all users. A Contact form is also available, with representatives working to answer all your inquiries 24/7.

Are there any bonuses at the top MuchBetter online casino sites?

Yes, the casino sites offering this banking method are filled with player bonuses and promotions. In fact, these operators of casino and other gambling platforms are among the top in the industry, leaving players to expect top-notch service. Such platforms include Royal Panda, PokerStars, BetStars, PokerStars Casino, BetWay, Lucky 31, LeoVegas and many more.

Which are the specific countries restricted from using the e-wallet for online casino payments?

These are the following: the USA, Afganistan, Cuba, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, North Korea, South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu and Yemen.

Considering its international user base, has the e-wallet app been designed in languages other than English?

Yes, apart from the initial English version, both the Android and iOS mobile apps are available in Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Does the e-wallet keep up with the latest trends in cryptocurrency?

Yes, the MuchBetter e-wallet has also managed to allow their users a chance to transact in Bitcoin. While most e-wallets consider the cryptocurrency to be their rival, this one practically allowed its owners to use these funds for their e-wallet account by providing them with a suitable cryptcurrency address, gateway and a currency conversion mechanism.