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Since the early beginnings of online sales businesses, service providers and all kinds of additional establishments, each marketplace distinguished itself from the rest by a set of features. While these were often related to the customers’ culture and adopted way of life, many more came about from the local requirements.

Legal regulative, for one...

... posed a serious obstacle to any type of operator or business owner looking to set up an e-shop for the territory of less liberal countries. In other words, local legislature had banned such e-commerce operations before they were ever introduced, and only more strictly practiced their official acts and decrees.

What is more...

... each marketplace, out of those that were able to practice online purchases and payments of some kind, was further distinguished from the rest through the types of payment processors facilitating the trade, supplier competition and ultimately, the difference in demand. Legal acts had the greatest influence over these markets, some more liberal, while others such as the US gambling were more stringent.

For optimal funds transfers...

...the first of these aspects has been identified as the easiest to influence, improve and build upon. Payment processors were initially developed by existing banking and financial institutions, working towards new cashless funds transfer solutions. With the rise of the Internet, these and newly established services had all oriented towards this common goal, ultimately resulting in a number of new service formats. E-wallets and payment processors joined online banking platforms towards this purpose. One such prominent instance that has been dominating a major market segment is precisely Moneta.


About Moneta.ru

A Moscow-headquartered cash transfer service, it is intended to provide the top solutions for funds transactions via online channels, cash storage and various payment execution options. The company was established back in 2005, and has since build up quite a reputable business with coverage across the country, as well as other Russian-speaking territories.

What is interesting...

...is that it doesn’t just provide users with a payment solution – it is a fully optimized e-wallet. Throughout the years, it has been incorporated into a number of regular service platforms as a payment option. Thus, anyone who has managed to obtain an account with the service will be able to use it in order to settle any debts with the aforementioned establishments, among others.

Out of the numerous types of companies that have included Moneta as a charging and billing solution are the following categories:

  • Mobile communications
  • Immobile communications
  • Internet/ VoIP
  • Television providers
  • Airlines
  • Travel services
  • Advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Taxes & fines
  • Utility bills
  • Public/City charges
  • Loans payments

How to Obtain an Account

In order to obtain an account, it is advisable that you first check whether you are eligible to perform such an operation. Most residents of Russian-speaking countries should be able to make use of the platform, but it is still advisable to check for your official eligibility based on your place of residence.

When first entering the website...

... interested users will have no trouble locating the Registration link in the upper right corner of the homepage. This will guide you to a new page, where users are required to enter some personal information – name, address, date of birth, as well as password. This passkey will be used on future occasions for account access, as soon as users choose between creating it themselves, or getting a computer generated one in the mail. The latter will have the generic 5-key format, while the former allows users greater creative freedom and thus security.

For greater protection...

... users can additionally pick a secret security question from the list provided, and support logins to their account through the correct answer. Still, the most security detail in the whole of the Moneta.ru establishment has been notably contributed by its partnering funds transfer services. After all, in order for the e-wallet to serve as storage or a payment processing solution, it would first need to handle some amount of cash.


How to Fund a Moneta.ru E-wallet Account?

E-wallet accounts are funded much like any other of its type, with the sole distinction being in the fees incurred upon payers in order to process such funds transfer. For each of the following banking methods, the Moneta.ru platform holds a separate agreement and is able to offer it to players as their method of choice:

1. Visa & MasterCard banking cards – These two banking methods are the standard traditional selection of options. They are able to process fund deposits, i.e. payments subsequently made onto a range of e-commerce and service providing platforms. Such transactions are subject to a 1.9% fee, and can be processed in a single minute. As for conclusion transactions, from a platform to the banking cards, there is another 2% fee, and a request processing time of up to 3 days.

2. Electronic payment systems – QIWI, Yandex, Eleksnet and PSCB Web Wallet are the electronic processors available to fund and withdraw cash from the Moneta.ru e-wallet account you are holding. The QIWI service charges cashouts through its channels, commissioned at 2% of the amount with a 1 minute request processing time. Yandex, on the other hand, charges the highest of a 4.5% commission on deposits, and 2% + 0.5% of the specific Yandex Money commission on withdrawals, with both their processing time estimated at 1 minute.

Eleksnet Wallet, however, sees deposits charged with 0% + 3% Eleksnet commission on deposits, and the PSCB Web Wallet with 0% fee. These final two transaction types are just as well processed in a single minute.

3. Money transfers – Ultimately, a direct bank transfer or a postal transfer from the Russian Post Office remain as the two final payment methods. When it comes to bank transfers, these institutions charge users 0% + ~1% fee for 1-5 days of payment processing time. The same wait time applies to bank withdrawals, which are subject to a 2% charge and a minimum amount restriction of 500 Rubbles.

On a final note, there is the Postal service, which allows users to make deposits to Moneta through their post channels at a 0% commission + a 2% Russian Postal services commission (set at a minimum of 40 Rubbles). The time it takes for the funds to reach their final destination using this method is up to 3 days max, so make sure you take into account your personal user needs and the funding option which best answers to them.


Payment Method

Despite its fees, the Moneta e-wallet still provides some of the most widespread, accessible and secure payment processing option for Russian residents. As a result, the top online casinos for the Russian customers, along with poker rooms, sportsbooks and the likes, have worked hard to obtain Moneta as part of their banking methods.

Nowadays, players across the Russian-speaking countries are free to make deposits and withdrawals to and from their top online gambling destinations.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are just a few simple steps to be completed before players at these casinos should be able to enjoy their Moneta e-wallet funded gameplay action.

Step 1: Find a suitable casino site, and make sure the operator accepts both deposits and withdrawals from the service. With the e-wallet’s expansion across the country, and the online gambling industry, players should have top choices at their disposal – game selection from all leading software providers, rewarding bonus and promotions offering, and many more player perks to come.

Step 2: Enter your chosen platform, register for an account and simply head over to the Banking page. Most of the time, it is listed under e-wallets, or as a separate entry in the online payment processors section. Either way, all you need to do now is click on it to choose it as your player account’s banking method.

Step 3: Clicking on the Moneta.ru icon should open a new window – sign in with your e-wallet credentials on the marked boxes and confirm the funds amount you wish to transfer to your online casino player account. After completing all security details, the transaction should render the amount instantly available at the casino e-wallets.

As for withdrawals, the procedure is more or less the same, with the fund's transfer being processed in the opposite direction. The wait time may depend on the operator, as different platforms require a different timeframe to review, verify and authorise funds cashout from player accounts. Either way, once the transaction passes, players are able to instantly obtain their funds and further use them for other e-commerce payments and purchases, additional transfers or cashouts.



  • Security – The Moneta.ru security is achieved through a range of measures, starting off with the SSL certificate provided by DigiCert Inc, as the service explains straight from their security page. What is more, casino players and other random users of the e-wallet service are further guaranteed their security through regular AVS Scanning. With these precautions and constant, on-call support representatives to boost user confidence, there is nothing that could possibly harm their smooth Moneta payment processing solution.
  • Accessibility – The Moneta e-wallet features a range of additional funding and withdrawing services, which isn’t commonly the case with such establishments. Unlike global, leading Neteller per say, the Moneta.ru allows users to choose from credit and debit cards, electronic payment processors, online banking and postal funds transfer services for their funding and cashout facilitation.
  • Low fees policy – The presence of fees is a definite setback, but considering that this has practically become the industry standard, they should be reviewed objectively. In this line of thought, the Moneta e-wallet service does still maintain relatively low to average fee charges for its services, when compared to other of its format.
  • Ease of use – On a final note, the Moneta e-wallet features a most intuitive, easy-to-use and interactive platform for its potential customers. The range of services is available straight from the homepage, along with the selection of banking methods. Should you wish for further support, you should be able to locate it easily through the Contact and FAQ sections, respectively.


  • Country restrictions – As mentioned from the start, Moneta.ru is a Russia-based e-wallet service and does not accept users from foreign countries. As a result, their user base is rather limited and only provides company progress to a certain degree.
  • Personalization – Despite being dedicated to a single user base, the service has not focused too intently on providing dedicated options. In fact, the Moneta e-wallet product tends to apply the same amount or accessibility restrictions to all users, not distinguishing between their personal preferences.

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Is their any other language besides Russian?

Yes, even though the e-wallet is solely eligible to cater to the Russian-speaking world population, the service website is available in both Russian and English. This is so in order to provide non-Russian speaking residents of the eligible countries with enough information about the service.

Are there any customer service and support centres that users can address in case of issues?

Yes, there is. The user pool at this e-wallet platform can contact support and ask for information and answers through either user support or online store support phone lines, the numerous email addresses regarding cooperation, financial, technical matters, PR offers or user inquiries. Ultimately, the site features a well-equipped FAQ knowledgebase.

What are some suitable Moneta.ru alternatives for online casino banking methods?

Starting from the basic format of the service as an e-wallet, it is easy to assume its top alternatives would be of similar built. More precisely, other such services – Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, are most likely to make for suitable choices.

Will I be able to benefit if I choose this payment method?

Choosing this e-wallet as your online casino banking method will not affect your bonus eligibility. Only in the case of specific bonuses intended to prompt players into using a specific payment method, all new player and regular offers will be available.

What are the maximum amount of funds transferred on a daily/monthly basis?

Users can process a funds transfer up to 15,000 Rubbles, or its equivalent in the foreign currency a day. As for the monthly limits, maximum funds available for transfer amount to 40,000 Rubbles, i.e. 200,000 Rubbles for authenticated accounts.