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Online casinos have witnessed a significant increase in number, especially in recent years once technological advancements made the venture more widely accessible. As a result, markets started getting oversaturated with the standard casino and gambling offering, and soon afterward, operators started seeking ways to make their service stand out from the rest.

A large portion of providers...

...focused on the software and game titles, with some taking the dedicated approach and featuring the full portfolio of a specific provider, while others opted for as much diversity in players' choices as possible, in order to meet the needs of more player profiles.

On a different note - other online casino platform operators have turned to a different approach – personalizing or focusing the platform to a specific player pool. This somewhat limited the player traffic, but allowed operators to devote more attention to improving and perfecting the services on offer.


...individual software, payment processing, security companies and the likes have additionally entered the race with the purpose of perfecting their individual services and contributing to operator's success. One such example is localized online payment facilitating services that have taken up the task of offering dedicated payment services to improve security, minimize fees and optimize the service to players' specific needs.

About the company

About the Company

Euteller is one such payment processing service that has made it their purpose to cater to online shoppers and casino players from Finland. It provides a suitable way to pay for services and products straight from your bank accounts, so as not to face its users with a whole new app or site interface that they would need to learn additionally.

In fact:

Euteller is a payment facilitator that acts as a mediator between a select group of cooperating banking institutions in Finland, and e-commerce platforms. The banks that allow their account holders to perform online payments via Euteller are leading in Finnish society.

They currently include the following:

  • Danske Bank
  • Nordea
  • OP Bank
  • Aktia
  • Tapiola
  • Handelsbanken
  • Alandsbanken
  • S-Bank
  • Pohjola

As for such online platforms that function through online transactions, shops and e-commerce platforms offering products and services cover a rather wide range of types and formats. Online casinos and similar gambling websites, specifically, significantly contribute to Euteller's overall payment processing traffic.

This payment processor started offering its mediation services back in 2007,when it was established in Finland as a privately owned company servicing people who hold accounts from one of the aforementioned banks.

It allows them to make payments with the online merchants by acting as the channel between the bank account and the respective online casino account, per say.

For this purpose:

Euteller users will not be required to create any additional profiles and can make transactions by remembering their bank account details solely.

Payment Method

As a Payment Method

Due to its facilitator role that also provides an extra layer of protection, Euteller has found application in online casino platforms quickly after its establishment.

Considering the fact that it only processes online transactions from account holders at one of the specific partnering banks, most of its use is limited to Finnish sites or international platforms that, in their turn, cater to the Finnish player pool.

Depositing with Euteller at Online Casino Sites

Practical use of Euteller at online casino sites has been popular for its mediation character, and even furthermore due to the service's simplicity. Follow through the few steps of the procedure and learn how simple it is to use the service when funding your player account.

Step 1: Before getting started with Euteller, players need to consider its limitations in terms of banks, and thus find a reputable and trustworthy casino operator that offers the service. For this purpose, it is advisable to look carefully through the payment processing options available at the selection of casinos, and choose one that meets your player needs and payment requirements.

Step 2: Enter the Cashier/Banking section at your chosen online casino platform, and select Euteller from the list of payment options. This action will allow you to choose the specific bank (out of the ones listed above) that you use and select it.

Step 3: Players will then be able to directly access their online bank account, allowing them to perform the same regular transaction procedure. All they need to do now is access the account with the relevant credentials and input the amount they would like Euteller to transfer.

Step 4: Transactions performed via Euteller have a range of features, and one of them is their real-time nature. This means that players will be able to see their money credited to their online casino account as soon as they confirm the transaction, and can get started with the gameplay.



The company does not allow any withdrawals to be processed from online casino and other e-commerce platforms to date, meaning players will need to find a different reliable payment method when cashing out their winnings.

Nevertheless, there are other capabilities, as its ability to fund back bank accounts – credit and debit cards both, as well as prepaid cards. This means that it can help your transactions both ways, as long as you don't attempt anything that hasn't been authorized by this Finnish payment processing company.


One of the greatest advantages is the added level of security it provides as opposed to directly using your bank account to fund your gaming endeavors. The platform employs the highest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption certificate when processing such payments.

Thus, all the information and funds transferred through their service are safe from third-party intrusion, and further protected by being unintelligible to everyone due to missing the decryption code.

Considering the level of protection, users are often put off by the assumed complexity of the procedure. However, Euteller is practically in the background, as once you choose it as a payment method for your relevant bank, it transfers you directly to the familiar banking service.


This minimizes the chances of making mistakes during transactions, as players won't be required to memorize something other than the banking information they already know.

Like most web wallets...

...functioning in the same or similar manner, Euteller imposes a fee on its user pool for sustainability purposes. Still, the fee is capped at 1.95%, with a limit on transaction amounts ranging from €1 to €20,000. Euro is the preferred currency due to its Finland-centered nature, even though players can perform transactions with others as well. Considering the massive amount limit and low fees, the service's beneficial character is all but guaranteed.

The instant processing time, as well as most advantages mentioned above result from the company's market dedicated service. This purposely limits the player pool able to use Euteller at Finnish and international casino platforms, and in turn provides those that qualify for the service with a range of specialized perks.

Disadvantages of Using Euteller at Online Casino Sites

Understandably so, not everyone can be satisfied with a company's service, as each online casino player profile has their own requirements and expectations. The inability to withdraw your casino winnings using this method is definitely the most dominant setback. After all, players normally opt to find a suitable payment processing solution that would cover both their deposit and cashout needs, so as to simplify the process as much as possible.

Other than that...

...the sole presence of an imposed fee of 1.95% can be another obstacle for players who have free payment facilitators available as well. On a final note, members of the player pool at a Euteller online casino will only be eligible to enjoy the benefits of the service should they hold a bank account with one of the participating Finnish banks.

Getting Started with Euteller Online Casino Gameplay

Online gambling enthusiasts who are eligible to enjoy the benefits of the Euteller payment processing service will still need to bear in mind a few considerations in order to optimize their casino experience. First off, players need to make sure that they have chosen the right Euteller online casino platform.

These establishments have multiple aspects including:

  • licenses
  • audit policy
  • RNG fairness
  • game selection
  • bonuses and promotions 

aside from payment methods, that contribute just as much to the overall player experience at the given online gambling destination.

In terms of the casino's licensing and regulation, there are a number of existing authorities that issue licenses to platforms that meet the necessary requirements.

Make sure the casino is licensed and approved by the appropriate jurisdiction, as their policies are tightly related to the casino's audit responsibilities. The best ones perform regular testing on their RNG and the software running the platform and the individual game titles available on the site.

Speaking of the game selection, less can be more, as long as it is what you like as a player profile. For example, some sites tend to focus on a single game type, and hardly include any titles in the remaining categories.

Plus, there are sites that focus on single providers as opposed to those that tend to integrate a whole range of diversity in gameplay, features and payouts. Make sure the site you choose offers your preferred game format, make and specific title or theme, for a really entertaining experience when going through your Euteller-deposited bankroll.

The bonuses and promotional offers are not to be disregarded when choosing the proper Euteller gambling site for your player needs. These can range fromNo Deposit bonuses offered upon signup, through Welcome Bonuses in the form of a match to your initial deposit, as well as numerous time-limited or game-specific promo offers. Such bonuses can further include a referral bonus for players who bring in new traffic, or reload bonuses for those that regularly top up their player account.

What is more...

...you can enjoy free giveaways and even a VIP rewards program benefiting from your gameplay volume, considering you make the right choice of platform.

Don't forget to look into the terms and conditions of offers like:

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Can online casino players based in countries other than Finland use Euteller at the respective operator platforms?

Yes, even if players are not physically based in Finland, they can still employ Euteller to facilitate their online casino deposits. The main prerequisite for this is not their physical location – player need to hold a bank account with one of the respective banks actually.

Is the payment processor licensed by any relevant authority or possibly the banks that have partnered with it?

The relevant authority for Finland and their payment processing services is the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN – FSA), and Euteller has been authorized to perform its operations as soon as it was launched back in 2007.

What are some alternative payment methods for players who aren't eligible to enjoy the benefits of depositing with Euteller?

Euteller can still be inaccessible for a large number of members of an online casino player pool, which is why they would need to use a suitable alternative. In terms of the service's format, they can use e-wallets such as Neteller, PayPal and Skrill, although credit, debit and prepaid cards are just as valid alternatives.

Can I use Euteller for from my tablet or smartphone device?

Yes, this method has been accessible for use at the respective Euteller online casinos, both via desktop PCs and tablets, straight from the browser software. However, mobile casino players have also been provided with the opportunity, now that there is an inherent mobile app that can be downloaded and used for all its partner payment methods, one of which is Euteller.

Is there any separate customer support and contact option for user inquiries and issues?

Yes, online casino players and other Euteller users have a separate customer service and support team they can address straight from the payment facilitator's website. In addition to the customer support representatives at their respective online casinos or other retail sites, Euteller users are bound to get all the assistance they need for a smooth and seamless online payment processing experience.