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Online entertainment has progressed immensely since the early days of the Internet, with people being able to access all kinds of content that fits their tastes and interests. Nowadays, these advances have brought about complete accessibility of movies, music, shows and gaming diversity. All it takes is for interested individuals to choose the way they want to order and pay for such service.

Speaking of that, the world of online establishments and businesses of all kinds has prompted the development of more payment methods than previously. In the past, people were happy with a way to avoid cash-based payments, just so as to experience greater security to their funds. Carrying cash around is still considered a safety hazard, only the solutions available nowadays range far beyond the standard plastic credit and debit cards.

Anyone interested in paying for goods or services via online platforms can choose from a range of additional options. These range across popular e-wallet services – Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and the likes, as well as online payment processors and prepaid cards such as PaySafeCard. Some might even turn to the digital era’s latest achievements – the cryptocurrencies, and pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum.

Yet, a great number of online merchants and consumers alike have continued their use with one of the older payment options – Citadel, and its top online payment transfer solution.


History of the Service

Citadel was established back in the year 2000, and is known as Instant Banking by Citadel, under its current full name. The payment service has since built up quite a network of partners and customers worldwide, and set up office in various locations globally – Malta, the UK and Vancouver. Due to such expansion, and the strict policies of the respective jurisdictions when it comes to processing payments, the service has been inspected, regulated and licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Nowadays, users are practically choosing Citadel as a top secure and reliable payment processing option, along with its other features to further affirm their choice.

The Citadel service has rapidly developed over the years, mainly due to the security standards it sets as a primary concern. After all, it allows its customers to retain using their local internet banking service that they are familiar with, yet through the safety protocols and channels of the Citadel Instant Banking features. With nearly two decades of active operations, it has accumulated over 200 banking institutions in over 33 countries worldwide as part of their partner base.

Still, in order to keep up with the latest trends in its industry, Citadel is just as eagerly working on improving their existing products and updating their selection with new ones. As a result, users nowadays are able to choose between the primary service provided by the company, as well as its updated offering, featuring a fully fledged e-wallet service.

Citadel Instant Banking

The instant banking funds transfer is the trademark service the company offers through its partnership with other banks and financial institutions. It allows the bank account holder to access their standard internet banking platform through the Citadel website, enter the details of their transaction, confirm it and see the funds instantly credited to their end destination.

In order to be compatible with the user’s specific online banking solution, the Citadel Instant Banking service has developed three different ways for its users to perform the wanted transactions:

  • 1. Through a Payment Assistant – This assistant is a small yet functional app that needs to be downloaded on any of the devices you intend to use for this type of online transactions. The specific program allows your existing banking system to match with the funds transfer service, and thus performs quick, easy and flawless transactions.
  • 2. Using the Citadel website – Alternately, those who hold an account with a partnering establishment can freely access the website of the service and get started with their transaction. A direct form on the page consists of all the necessary fields and makes the process rather accessible for all eligible customers.
  • 3. Through the Rapid system – On a final note, the Instant Banking service is also available through the Rapid option. This option gives the payer a set reference number that they can incorporate into their existing online banking. The procedure may be considered a bit ‘manual’ due to its specifics, but other than that, the transaction and ultimately funds transfer should run smoothly and fully automated.
MyCitadel eWallet

MyCitadel eWallet

Contrary to the regular banking transfer service provided by this financial company, new tech advancements and inventions have prompted the addition of another service to their offering. Thus, interested users became eligible to choose between the Instant transfer and the novel e-wallet solution.

MyCitadel is an e-wallet introduced in order to keep up with the trends in the industry, and at the same time to provide payers with a more personalized service. Unlike the standard payment processing service, this solution allows potential users to access, register and create their own personal account.

Afterwards, just choose a suitable funding method in order to put some actual money into your e-wallet and you’re good to go. As a dedicated service, it may be available in less countries worldwide than the overall instant banking option, but still manages to cater to a specific portion of the customer base and achieve even greater expansion.

Citadel as an Online Casino Payment Method

As an online casino payment method, the Instant Banking by Citadel service provided by Citadel Commerce Corp. has become a rather popular choice. For one, players interested in using this method to process their online casino transactions don’t have to subject themselves to additional registration. On top of that, the service provides instant payment processing, meaning players won’t need to wait at all before getting started with their favourite game choices.

With the availability to process both deposits and withdrawals via the service, Citadel has definitely affirmed itself as an online casino banking method. Some country restrictions mentioned later on may affect this matter, but it has still retained its top ranking in the industry.

Online Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Depositing funds to your online casino player account using this banking service is a rather simple and straightforward procedure, illustrated through the few following steps:

Step 1: Make sure the casino of your choice is able to accept payments made via this service. The Citadel option has become a standard offering in many Canadian-oriented platforms, as well as US, UK casinos and the likes. Yet, all you need to do is access the Banking section, or the suitable equivalent of it, and look through the bank transfer options.

Step 2: Once you have made sure the option is available, just select it from the list of methods and you will be instantly get a preview of all the available Citadel-partnering banks in your vicinity. If you hold an account with one of the banks on the list, simply click on it to open the familiar online banking platform. Otherwise, you can choose to go with the Rapid option or by downloading the small Payment Assistant app and request the transaction through these gateways.

Step 3: Either way, you will end up at your familiar internet banking site – just enter the details of the transaction you wanted to perform and confirm it. With minimum wait time up to a couple of minutes max, players should see their funds credited into their account and available to use at any of the favourite game software products at the platform.

Withdrawals from casino sites are a bit more restrictive, mainly due to the separate policies of casino operators. Some choose to offer the banking method as part of their regular selection of cashout methods, while others refrain from this move due to vague gambling laws in their respective jurisdictions.

Pros Cons of the Service

Pros & Cons of the Service

Funding and cashing out of your online casino player account with Citadel is bound to be most advantageous to the respective players. Some of the key benefits obtained from the service include:

  • Security – This financial service provider takes great care of the security measures they implement in order to ensure protection of all user information and funds. Transactions and data exchange are fully protected by encryption certificates, while identity theft risks are handled using additional authentication factors, safety questions and the likes. All in all, the Citadel payment processing channel is, in itself, an added layer of protection between your banking system and the online merchant.
  • Anonymity – Players and online buyers using the service can be sure to have all their information safely handled during transactions. What is more, the service does not demand mandatory registrations on the Instant Banking platform, making it all the more attractive for casino players constantly looking to keep their personal details away from peering eyes.
  • Accessibility & Availability – So far, the service has been able to establish a presence in over 30 countries, and thus great availability around the globe. Each casino operator catering to their residents can include the Instant Banking function to their platform and ensure greater variety of choices for ultimate player satisfaction.
  • Speed – The speed of transactions performed through this payment method is astonishing. Unlike regular bank wire transfers, this processor ensures immediate crediting of funds to your online casino account, or your personal bank account.
  • Customer Support – Users are still free to inquire or even possibly make complaints regarding the service straight from their customer support page. Citadel Commerce has a well-equipped FAQ section covering all the major issues, while their team of representatives are available 24/7 for personalized assistance, both via email and phone line.

In a diverse and demanding customer pool such as the world of online casino players, any single service is bound to have some shortcomings when it comes to meeting players’ tastes. The main disadvantages for interested Citadel users include:

  • Country restrictions – Still, the company is yet to achieve absolute coverage, and there are some minor banks and even countries which prohibit payments of this type. As a result, online casino players belonging to the respective jurisdictions are yet to experience the benefits of this service.
  • Fees policy – On its own, the company does not charge its customers for using the payment processing services provided. However, the individual banks of choice where players hold their bank accounts could impose some kind of a fee for transferring funds through this payment gateway.
  • Withdrawal restrictions – Casinos, on the other hand, offering this banking method, may also choose to impose some restrictions. As a result, in some online gambling platforms, the service is solely available as a deposit method, and players need to choose a different one for their cashout needs.
  • Amount limits – Another restriction imposed by either the player’s bank or casino of choice is the limit to the deposited and withdrawn amounts. Players can further increase these amounts once they make their initial transaction by addressing either one of these establishments.

Citadel Payment Method Fees and Facts

Available accounts
1 account
Available currencies
Withdraw fees
Fee to order
No Annual Fee
Cashback and promotions
Cash Rewards Mastercard
Additional bonus-programs
Earn 1.5% cash back for every $1 spent on purchases.
Two Factor Authentication
EMV chip technology

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Can I claim any casino bonuses when using this payment method?

Players depositing with this payment method can make use of all the benefits offered by the operator, including deposit-related bonuses. The only exception is made with exclusive benefits which are intended to attract players to use a specific banking method in order to boost its traffic and popularity.

Is the payment method in compliance with by specific bank policy?

Yes, the company puts a great deal of effort to comply with the anti-money laundering and KYC requirements of each of the banks they are partnered with.

Will I be able to preview my history of transactions made via this payment method?

Yes, you can preview the transactions straight from your bank account statements. Here, any incoming or outgoing payments using the payment processor will be displayed under Citadel Commerce.

What are the most suitable alternatives to Citadel online casino banking?

Considering that Citadel is mostly restricted for residents of some jurisdictions due to legal issues, the top suitable alternatives would include some globally accepted methods – credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Neteller, or even the top cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin and the likes.

Where can I play with Citadel?

There are a growing number of Citadel online casino websites, and the top choices packed with generous bonuses and player rewards are available straight from the list provided on this page.