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Real Dealer Studios styles itself as a luxury live casino provider, that puts the emphasis on real over live. To help with this, the company has taken the quality of the streaming experience to a new level both technically and from an entertainment point of view. Bringing the hosts closer to players via one-to-one experience, and adding a moviemaking level of quality together with dedicated directors ensures that the experience becomes engaging and exciting.

The company itself has been based in Malta since its inception in 2019. The dedicated gaming studios found in Estonia at the moment. Roulette and baccarat form the backbone of the game selection, with game shows added to the mix. The company has enjoyed success amongst players and casino alike, ensuring that more tables and table games will be added in the future.

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Turbo Fortune

Fortune Finder 1
Fortune Finder 2
Fortune Finder 3

Turbo Fortune, which also goes by the name of Fortune Finder, is a vertical wheel game with multipliers. If the wheel stops in at least one multiplier, all wins will be the product of the original paying odds and all multipliers (up to four of them).

The following table shows the house edge of each bet.

House Edge Summary

Bet House Edge
1 4.66%
2 4.49%
5 8.77%
10 3.43%
20 7.27%
40 9.20%

For more information, please see my page on Turbo Fortune.


Vinny Jones 1
Vinny Jones 2
Vinny Jones 3

Roulette is dealt on a single-zero wheel, for a house edge of 2.70% on every bet. What makes this game different, is the dealer, Vinny Jones. He comes across to me like an English version of Tony Soprano. You better mind your manners in the chat box (if there is one) as I wouldn't want to get Vinny angry.

There seem to be two versions, a normal one and one where Vinny tells stories while his lovely dealer Rachel spins the ball.


vinny blackjack 1
vinny blackjack 2

I already introduced Vinny in my section on roulette. However, Vinny also deals blackjack. According to Vinny, "It's the dog's bollocks!"

All I could glean about the rules is from the felt, which as the dealer stands on a soft 17 and they have the six-card Charlie rule. That rule is worth 0.16% in the player's favor, by the way.

Vinny will probably pressure you into betting the 21+3 side bet. That follows the 100-40-25-10-5 pay table for a house edge of 6.29%, assuming eight decks.



If you're not ready to face Vinny in roulette or blackjack, enjoy some baccarat with a trio of lovely dealers, Courtney, Holly, and Sarati. Treat them with respect, lest they report you to Vinny in the next room.

The rules look standard with the classic five bets on the Player, Banker, Tie, Player Pair, and Banker Pair.