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Random Logic Appendix


Twice Casino on Net has offered promotions in which winning blackjacks paid 2-1 for a period of two hours. This is a very generous promotion, giving the player edge of 2.06%! There are two basic strategy deviations under this promotion. If the player draws an ace to a split 10 under normal rules it counts as a blackjack and pays 3-2. Under the promotion it also pays 2-1, which makes it marginally advantageous to split tens against a dealer 5 or 6. Remember to do this under promotion rules only. Finally, many players have reported being overpaid on this promotion. I speculate they are also incorrectly count drawing a 10 to a split ace as a blackjack. However this little icing on the cake is not factored into the 2.06%.

Casino on Net has also twice offered a promotion in which any hand consisting of 5 cards or more and hasn't busted gets a bonus. The bonus for 5 cards is half the bet, for 6 cards the bonus equals the bet, for 7 cards the bonus equals five times the bet, and for 8 cards the bonus equals 50 times the bet. Casino on Net staff tells me that the rule does count on hands resulting from a split. Unfortunatley for this promotion the software automatically stands on a soft 21. If the player were to make perfect composition dependent strategy designed for this promotion he would have an edge of 0.55%.

According to my calculations the following basic strategy is designed for this promotion.

Key to table:
H = Hit
S = Stand
D = Double if allowed, otherwise hit
Ds = Double if allowed, otherwise stand
3-7 = Stand, except hit with 3-7 cards
4-7 = Stand, except hit with 4-7 cards
467 = Stand, except hit with 4, 6, or 7 cards
67 = Stand, except hit with 6 or 7 cards
7 = Stand, except hit with 7 cards
S5 = Hit, except stand with 5 cards