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Felt Gaming is an online betting software developer that was founded in 2013 and in its time online has signed content supply deals with major betting sites LeoVegas and Unibet. The company's games are solid, with seven varieties of blackjack and a double ball roulette game in their library. The group appears to be quite secretive though, which is a real shame as transparency is key in the online betting world. The secrecy here leaves us without a lot of information on the group, but we will update this review as we learn more.

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Lucky Ladies Blackjack
Side Bet Blackjack

Felt offers seven blackjack games. They all offer the same base rules as follows:

  • Six decks.
  • Dealer stands on soft 17.
  • Double on 9 to 11 only.
  • Double after split allowed.
  • Split once only (no re-splits)
  • Draw to split aces allowed.
  • No surrender.
  • American hole card rule.
  • Player may play one to three hands.

These rules result in a house edge of 0.37% with basic strategy.

Where the game differ is in the side bets. The following side bets are offered:

There is one game for each side bet plus one with all of them. The following table shows the pay table for each side bet and the house edge according to the Felt help files and me. You can decide for yourself who to believe when they don't agree.

Blackjack Side Bets

Side bet Pay table House
21+3 100-40-25-10-5 7.14% 7.14%
Pairplus 25-12-6 6.11% 6.11%
Lucky Ladies 100,30,10,3,1 6.22% 13.04%
Lucky Lucky 200,100,50,25,15,3,2,2 5.86% 3.95%
Suit 'Em Up 50-10-5-3-2 4.65% 4.65%
Buster Blackjack 2000-800-250-80-18-4-2 6.20% 6.20%

Double Ball Roulette

Betting screen
Wheel screen

Double Ball Roulette is just that -- roulette with two balls. Unlike the same game at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, this one is played on a single-zero wheel. So, I had to redo all my math. The house edge ranges from 2.77% to 12.27%, so be careful what you bet on. For all the rules and analysis, please see my page on Double Ball Roulette. Scroll down to the part for the single-zero wheel.

Texas Hold 'Em Bonus

Texas Hold 'Em Bonus

This game follows the same rules as you would find in a land casino. Felt nicely uses the more liberal Las Vegas rules, which require only a winning straight or higher to win the Ante (they require a flush in Atlantic City). The bonus bet also follows the more liberal Las Vegas pay table for a house edge of 8.54%.

The game also adds a jackpot 1£ side bet based on the five community cards. Following is a return table for the jackpot bet.

Texas Hold 'Em Jackpot Bet

Event Pays Combinations Probability Return
Royal flush Jackpot 4 0.000002 ?
Straight flush 2,500 36 0.000014 0.034629
Four of a kind 250 624 0.000240 0.060024
Full house 100 3,744 0.001441 0.144058
Flush 25 5,108 0.001965 0.049135
Straight 10 10,200 0.003925 0.039246
Three of a kind 5 54,912 0.021128 0.105642
All other - 2,524,332 0.971285 0.000000
Total 2,598,960 1.000000 0.432735 + ?

The table shows that the fixed pays return 43.27% of money bet. The value of the jackpot is 1.54% for every £10,000 in the meter. The break-even meter is £368,575.


The games on offer by Felt Gaming are good, but the lack of information regarding the company is a bit concerning. Seeing as how the company's website hasn't been updated in over three years, its interesting to see where the company will be going moving forward.