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Cubeia is an online betting software developer that's based out of Sweden and operates using their license that was granted from the Malta Gaming Authority. The group came to prominence through the release of their online poker software, but they've also begun developing standard casino games and providing a white-label platform for aspiring operators. 

The developer's casino games include a small number of slots and a baccarat title as of press time. I will say that the games are graphically sharp and they seem functional. This is a small software house with some big potential, especially if they're able to partner with a few good aggregation platforms to distribute their titles. 

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Reels of Legend
Shamans Jungle
Coin Runner
Space Bounty
Spec Ops

Cubeia stretches the limit of what constitutes a "slot." They offer some creative games that I've never seen before. For purposes of this review, I'm going to define a "slot" as a game where the player just presses a button that doesn't involve conventional gaming equipment like cards and dice.

That said, the only two reeled slots are Spec Ops (return of 96.65%) and Reels of Legend (return of 96.6%). These are both five-reel games and are nicely done in terms of graphics, sound, and modern game-play features.

Coin Runner is a clever and unique game as far as I know. It reminds me of Super Mario Brothers for the NES, in that a character runs along and collects anything that he passes. If the player collects more than so many of any given symbol, he wins a prize according to the pay table. No information is provided about the return.

Space Bounty is a type of game I've seen a few times before where the player shoots at moving objects. In most other games, the moving objects are fish, but in this case it is asteroids and space ships. It might seem there is an element of skill in the player can choose when and in what direction to fire. However, if the player shoots in empty space, he sometimes hits things out of view. In the case of this game, one bet buys so many shots. I tend to think the end result is predestined and what happens on the screen is just for show. However, I am not positive. The help file doesn't provide much information on how it works nor a return percentage.

Shaman's Jungle is like a scratch card game, where the player picks three squares in a 3x3 grid. He wins if certain symbols are picked 2 or 3 times. This might seems like it has an element of free will and thus not a "slot" per my definition above. However, there is no component of skill and thus is simple enough to be a "slot." No information on the return is provided.



Cubeia offers a rare six-deck baccarat game. The game has the five traditional bets, as listed below with their six-deck house edge:

  • Player: 1.24%
  • Banker: 1.06%
  • Tie: 14.44%
  • Player/Banker pair: 11.25%

They offers a full history board, with the bead plate, big road, big eye boy, small road, and cockroach pig. I can't help but notice their help file directly copies the page I just linked to on how to interpret these boards. This kind of plagiarism without credit used to bother me, but now I'm used to everybody copying me after 23 years of writing about gambling.

That issue aside, I find the cards annoying small and the game to play a little too slowly. I think this one could stand some improvement.


All in or Fold

The Cubeia web site indicates they offer a player vs. player poker game titled "All in or Fold," which is evidently just that. Only "all in" bets are allowed and all betting takes place before the flop. Very interesting! That would make for a challenging math analysis.