The Wizard's Photo Gallery

With Mandy. She finished third in the Miss Fitness pageant.

This is my respectable looking "head shot."

Royal hit at the Riviera, Nov 13, 2012

With Holly Madison

I've been known to give free books to pretty models.

Does the boxman look familiar?

Yes, I do happen to have some Grey Poupon.

Waikiki Beach, August 2011. Yes, that is the same shirt as the Panama picture below, not to mention the Venetian one way down. I have only so many.

Panama City, February 2011.

With the Bodog models.

With Penn of Penn & Teller.

Juggling rocks at the beach.

With Andre Angassi

With Nick and Amy of the original Apprentice series.

With some Bodog models.

At Bondi Beach, Australia.

Skydiving in Australia.

With some Playboy bunnies.

With Jimmy Walker.

In Maui.

In Monte Carlo.

Head shot #1.

Head shot #2.

$20,000 royal at the Treasure Island.

With some Playboy bunnies.

With other Playboy bunnies.

In Sydney, Australia.

With the Playboy triplets.

Winner of $50,000 Venetian craps tournament.

With Victoria Fuller.

A young Wizard, on the left, with my younger brother William. We spent hours playing poker on our many camping trips to El Capitan State Beach in California. Note who has more chips!

With my father, learning what a rudder is.