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Gambling 102 - New Book


After four years and four major revisions since my original manuscript I'm proud to say my book is finally out. Gambling 102 presents a deeper analysis on the whole gamut of major casino games than other books on gambling in general. This book is appropriate for the player who already knows the rules and the basics of strategy and is ready to progress to the next course, thus the title.

Most content in the book is admittedly already available on this site. However there is an expanded treatment of some games, in particular Three Card Poker and sports betting. Also, no longer will you have to carry around ratty old print outs from my site to the casino but you'll have everything you need in a handsome 5.5" by 8.5" 161-page book.

The book is available for $14.95 at the bookstores, $13.46 at "Great Stuff 4 Gamblers", and $10.47 for Las Vegas Advisor members.

Known Mathematical Corrections:

  1. Page 37: The overall house edge for 2x and full double odds should be reversed.
  2. Page 43: The 50.96% should be 50.97%.
  3. Page 98: "1 in 5 chance of winning" should be 1 in 6.
  4. Page 128: The correct play for 8,8 vs A should be R/P, and R/P in this table should stand for "Surrender if allowed and double after split not allowed, otherwise split." This is an extremely borderline play under rules that are seldom found anyway.
  5. Page 135: The Western is listed twice. The correct return for the Western is 70.35% and for the Sahara (unlisted) is 70.80%.