Play Online Triple Bonus Plus Video Poker for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
250% Welcome Bonus
$3,000 Welcome Bonus

Some things change, others rarely do so. Building off of the bonus family video poker games and enticing quads’ payouts, Triple Bonus Plus Poker does not offer myriad of paytable combinations but instead delivers a steady increase in conventional four of a kind hands.

Thus, if you’re into a simple, easy-going, rapid, good old-fashioned game of poker which rewards any quad you can get, and does it better than regular bonus variant — you’re at the right place!

Of course, if you play regularly at Wizard of Odds, you swiftly notice that little is changed in this popular game.

The principal rules and goals are the same: beat the dealer through the effort to build the best possible hand by selecting the most prolific cards dealt from a single deck.

A voluminous 10,000 free credits bankroll and five wagering options, from one up to five credits, also remains the same, allowing you for flexibility as you explore different tactics regardless of your poker skills.

Well-recognizable game layout matches those you could have seen in other variants of poker at our website, distinguished by three trademarked segments: control panel, information strip, and highly visible paytable.


…if you’re into setting your bets incrementally, the BET ONE button will allow you to make the best fix step-by-step, whereas whenever you feel like the top wager is in order, the BET MAX will instantly take you there. Either way, your preferred option will be highlighted at the paytable.

When you find your game tempo to be too rapid or vice versa, you can set the dynamics by the SPEED button.

True to intuitive commands, DEAL and DRAW buttons guide you through your hands; you hold cards by hovering above them as the single click enables the HOLD option.

If you’re into trying another poker variant, you can simply click on the MORE GAMES button. Courtesy of JavaScript, you’ll be playing a new game in no time while remaining at the same playing table (that is, window).

Above such straightforward control panel is the information strip with wagering info and balance field, positioned right below your cards and the paytable.


…after glancing through paytable, you quickly notice the peculiar four of a kind payouts which are 30% more generous than in classic Double Bonus Poker (which also explain the name of this game).

While seasoned patrons may find it understandable on the spot (or not?), novice and intermediate players might want to solidify their knowledge.

To that end, you have video poker calculator and strategy generator, providing you with all statistical nuts and bolts on Triple Bonus Plus Poker combinations, probabilities, hit frequencies, variances, and returns.

(While Royal Flash payouts vary compared to this particular game, the remaining numbers plays a symphony for the most dedicated!)

Speaking of things that don’t change — your old squire will follow you in this game, too. Yes, the Personal Game Advisor is here as well, to land a helping hand and compensate for the time and training required to master poker strategy.

As always, this educational feature, quite valuable to improve your overall video poker awareness and knowledge, operates in two distinctive prongs.

To start with, there is a “Warn on strategy errors” box right atop of your screen. By clicking it, you enable a pop-up window which gives you a heads-up whenever you have a better move to play. Serving the role of free advisor, it helps you by keeping your card selection in line with proper strategy.


…it’s the second trait of the Personal Game Advisor that will take your game to the next level, and it comes with hand analyzer you can enable by pressing the ANALYZE button which appears after your cards have been dealt.

By using it, you activate an extra pop-up window with an extended analytical overview of available options based on your current hand. One-click on preferred option is enough to select your cards and get you back to the main window, while you can always do it for yourself by using the RETURN TO GAME button.

Conceived as a useful tool to boost your poker skills and prudent decision-making process through entertaining learning opportunity, Triple Bonus Plus Poker combines best instructive traits of the game with competitiveness, excitement, friendly UI, and availability at any device.

It only requires two things on your behalf — good vibes and responsibility — to produce great fun. All other tiny details are in good luck!