Play Online Super Double Double Bonus Video Poker for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
$3,000 Welcome Bonus
$777 BONUS

The long line of poker variants rewarding players on four of a kind never cease to surprise, particularly considering the number of games available at Wizard of Odds. When it comes to voluminosity, though, Super Double Double Bonus stands apart with no fewer than seven different combinations of quads, each with ample payouts!

Thus, your chances to achieve the traditional poker goal — to compose the best possible hand by holding potent cards dealt from a single deck in an effort to best the dealer — are increased by the peculiar paytable which on the lowest four of a kind pays as much as Straight Flush (the remaining six options pays even better).


…the two most potent quads reward more than a Royal Flash on four out of five possible wagers!

Naturally, such disposition directs player’s poker strategy. To give you the best head start and provide with foundations, there is a detailed statistical game overview at your disposal.

Therein, you can learn more about strategy, combinations, probabilities, and returns’ percentages which may bring an extra analytical edge to your play! (While payouts for Royal Flash vary in comparison to the actual game, the rest of figures tell their story well.)

Other than that, the remainder of your experience is similar to any other game played here — it’s competitive, entertaining, exciting yet smooth, crowned with learning possibilities to increase your overall poker knowledge and skills.

To start with…

…there is a capacious 10,000 FREE credits bankroll, available to be used in five different betting setups, from one to five coins.

Visible on the information strip with balance field and wagering denomination at the middle of your screen — right below the paytable and above the control strip — such bankroll gives you enough space to experiment with various gambling approaches.

As the paytable remains omnipresent throughout your session, you can govern bets by using BET ONE or BET MAX buttons; as you incrementally move through wagering setup using the former, your choice is highlighted at the paytable, and the same happens when you use the latter, allowing you to jump to the max bet at once.

If you’re into the more dynamic style of play, you can use SPEED button and increase the dealer’s tempo in handling the cards neatly branded in Wizard of Odds visuals at their back.

Naturally, DEAL and DRAW buttons direct the new hand, while you activate the HOLD option by hovering above selected card and clicking on it.

Whenever you feel lucky, you can opt for any other game of poker, available for practice or play for real money, by pressing the MORE GAMES button while staying in the same window (courtesy of JavaScript).

Of course…

…playing poker for fun is one thing but being good at it is something different. It takes time, practice, education, prudent thinking, and rational approach to master the right moves, particularly when it comes to perfecting the strategy needed to win.

As always, putting the players’ education at the epicenter of our efforts, Personal Game Advisor is there to help you. This customary feature works in two distinctive ways.

First off, by checking “Warn on strategy error” box atop of your screen, you activate the free advisor, a handy pop-up window which appears whenever you can make a better decision in the selection of cards to be held, keeping your decision-making process sharp.

Secondly, once the cards have been dealt, the hand analyzer appears via the ANALYZE button. When you click on it, you get a detailed analytical overview of all available options, ranked gradually, with the composition made in line with your current hand.

If you decide to use this helping hand in building your playing prowess, you only have to click on the chosen option and you’ll see your cards already selected. Optionally, you can do it for yourself by clicking on the RETURN TO GAME box.


…Super Double Double Bonus Poker delivers enticing combination of easy-going UI, quick and intuitive run, and entertaining yet competitive fun with learning features equally useful to novice players and seasoned veterans — without the use of the real money.

With such an opportunity to fine-tune your poker strategy anytime, anyplace, there is only one thing remaining to be done: take your gambling responsibility on a date and hit the hand, Jack! Hopefully, good luck tends will follow the suite!