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Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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This Day in Sports History (8/23/2020 – 8/29/2020)


August 23rd, 1953

  • Phil Grate sets the record for throwing a baseball 443 feet 3.5 inches.

August 24th, 1972

  • Gordie Howe as well as Jean Beliveau are inducted in to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

August 25th, 1875

  • Matthew Webb becomes first to swim the English Channel. He accomplished this historic feat in 21 hours and 45 minutes.

August 26th, 1939

  • The first Major League Baseball game is telecast on W2XBS New York. It was a doubleheader between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field.

August 27th, 1982

  • Rickey Henderson steals his 119th base of season to break Lou Brock's record.

August 28th, 1978

  • Donald Vesco rides his 21 – foot long Kawasaki motorcycle at a speed of 318.598 mph.

August 29th, 1885

  • Boxing's first heavyweight title fight with 3 – ounce gloves as well as 3 – minute rounds is fought between John L. Sullivan and Dominick McCaffrey.

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