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Last Updated: March 16, 2020

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Sports Moments in History for week of March 15th


March 15th, 1869

  • The Cincinnati Red Stockings become the first professional baseball team.

March 16th, 1939

  • NHL record set for ten goals scored in one period. The New York Rangers scored 7 goals and the New York Americans scored 3 goals. NHL record was also set with 26 points in the 3rd period of this game.

March 17th, 1996

  • Mike Tyson defeated Frank Bruno in the third round of the fight to win the Heavyweight title.

March 18th, 1981

  • The Buffalo Sabres set NHL record by scoring 9 goals in a period.

March 19th, 1995

  • Michael Jordan rejoins the Chicago Bulls. He took approximately 17 months off from the Chicago Bulls and professional basketball prior to this day.

March 20th, 1897

  • The first known intercollegiate basketball game was played. Yale beat the University of Pennsylvania 32 to 10.

March 21st, 1941

  • Joe Louis defeated Abe Simon in the 13th round of the fight via knock out to gain the Heavyweight title.

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