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This Day in Sports History (12/13/2020 – (12/19/2020)


This Day in Sports History (12/13/2020 – (12/19/2020)

December 13th, 1936

  • Final NFL game for the Boston Redskins as they lose to the Green Bay Packers 21 – 6, and then they move to Washington DC.

December 14th, 1915

  • Jack Johnson becomes the World Heavyweight Boxing champion.

December 15th, 1891

  • James Naismith invents basketball.

December 16th, 1929

  • The first NHL game is played at the historic Chicago Stadium as the Chicago Blackhawks defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates with a final score of 3 to 1.

December 17th, 1920

  • American League votes to allow pitchers who used the spitball in 1920 to continue using the spitball as long as they are in the league, and the National League does the same. 17 holdover spitballers total.

December 18th, 1932

  • The Chicago Bears beat the Portsmouth Spartans 9 to 0 in the first ever NFL Championship Game!

December 19th, 1887

  • Jake Kilrain and Jem Smith fight bare knuckles for 106 rounds, and the fight ends in a draw.