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This Day in Sports History (11/29/2020 – (12/5/2020)


This Day in Sports History (11/29/2020 – (12/5/2020)

November 29th, 1934

  • The Chicago Bears defeated the Detroit Lions in first ever NFL game nationally broadcasted.

November 30th, 1948

  • American Baseball's Negro National League disbands.

December 1st, 1971

  • The Chicago Cubs release Ernie Banks as a player, and they signed him as a coach for the Chicago Cubs.

December 2nd, 1993

  • The Houston Rockets tie the NBA record of starting 15 - 0.

December 3rd, 1956

  • Wilt Chamberlain plays in his first collegiate basketball game and he scores 52 points.

December 4th, 1920

  • The first professional football playoff game is played between Buffalo – 7 and Canton – 3 at the Polo Grounds Stadium.

December 5th, 1908

  • The first time ever football uniform numerals are used. The University of Pittsburgh was the first to do so.