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This Day in Sports History (10/4/2020 – (10/10/2020)


This Day in Sports History (10/4/2020 – (10/10/2020)

October 4th, 1922

  • The first time ever the entire MLB World Series was broadcast over the radio.

October 5th, 1982

  • The New Jersey Devils play their first game in franchise history.

October 6th, 1923

  • The first ever unassisted triple play in the National League occurred.

October 7th, 1916

The most lopsided win in American College Football was played when Georgia Tech beat Cumberland University 222 – 0.

October 8th, 1927

  • The New York Yankees sweep the Pittsburgh Pirates to win the 24th MLB World Series.

October 9th, 1921

  • Babe Ruth hits his first ever World Series Home Run.

October 10th, 1920

  • Elmer Smith of the Cleveland Indians hits the first World Series grand slam in MLB history.