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This Day in Sports History (1/3/2021 – (1/9/2021)


This Day in Sports History (1/3/2021 – (1/9/2021)

January 3rd, 1920

  • The New York Yankees purchased Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox for only $125,000.

January 4th, 1986

  • NCAA basketball's David Robinson blocks a NCAA basketball record of 14 shots.

January 5th, 1957

  • The Brooklyn Dodgers' Jackie Robinson retires instead of being traded to the New York Giants.

January 6th, 1980

  • The Philadelphia Flyers set an NHL record of 35 consecutive games without a defeat.

January 7th, 1972

  • The Los Angeles Lakers post their 33rd straight win setting the NBA record.

January 8th, 1993

  • The Chicago Bulls' basketball player Michael Jordan scores his 20,000th NBA career point.

January 9th, 1942

  • The great Joe Louis knocks out Buddy Baer in the first round for the heavyweight boxing title.