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This Day in Sports History (1/10/2021 – (1/16/2021)


This Day in Sports History (1/10/2021 – (1/16/2021)

January 10th, 1945

  • Baseball writers fail to elect a new Hall of Famer.

January 11th, 1946

  • Bert Bell becomes the second NFL commissioner, and he moves headquarters from Chicago, Illinois to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

January 12th, 1906

  • Football rules committee legalizes the forward pass.

January 13th, 1974

  • In Super Bowl VIII the Miami Dolphins defeated the Minnesota Vikings 24 – 7 in Houston, Texas.

January 14th, 1968

  • In Super Bowl II the Green Bay Packers defeated the Oakland Raiders 33 to 14 in Miami, Florida.

January 15th, 1892

  • James Naismith publishes the rules of basketball in the Triangle Magazine.

January 16th, 1972

  • In Super Bowl VI the Dallas Cowboys beat the Miami Dolphins 24 to 3 in New Orleans, Louisiana.