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Miami Dolphins star rookie RB De’Von Achane out for Weeks with Knee Injury


Miami Dolphins star rookie RB De’Von Achane out for Weeks with Knee Injury

On Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 the Miami Dolphins announced that their superstar rookie running back, De'Von Achane, is now expected to miss several weeks due to a mild knee injury, and the Miami Dolphins are contemplating the decision of whether or not to place Achane on the NFL’s injured reserve list. If the Miami Dolphins did put De’Von on the IRL he will have to miss the Miami Dolphins next 4 - upcoming football games.

The Injury

The head coach of the Miami Dolphins, Mike McDaniel, explained to the major sports media outlets on Monday that Achane will be further evaluated by the Miami Dolphins medical staff for the knee injury that De’Von sustained over the course of the Miami Dolphins’ last Sunday's 31 to 16 victory over the New York Giants. McDaniel did decline to comment any further on the severity of Achane’s knee injury, his time table for a return, or what specific testing was being done at the moment.

Breaking News!

According to sources, the Miami Dolphins have ultimately decided to place De’VonThe A - Train Achane on the National Football League’s injured reserve list which means that he will have to sit out of the Miami Dolphins next upcoming 4 - games including an international match.

Miami Dolphins’ Next 4 - NFL Games

  • Home against the Carolina Panthers.
  • On the road in Philadelphia to play the Eagles.
  • Home against the New England Patriots.
  • Finally, the Miami Dolphins will face off against the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in Germany.

With the Miami Dolphins currently scheduled for a bye in week - 10, the 1st - possible game back for Achane would be a return to the line - up for him during week - 11 when the Dolphins host the Las Vegas Raiders in Miami on Sunday, November 19th, 2023.

Media Statements

"It's just something we're treating that we'll get more information on," the Miami Dolphins always cool and collected head coach Mike McDaniel stated. "He was in and out of the game, a standard rotation. ... He thought he might have something, but he's such a tough kid. It was kind of tough to read, so we needed to evaluate more, and that's what we're doing today."

Replacing De’Von Achane at Running Back Position

Without the amazing, exciting, and consistent services of Achane in the line - up and on the field, the Miami Dolphins’ veteran star running back, Raheem Mostert, who presently the co - leader of the National Football League in rushing touchdowns, and now Mostert will definitely have an enlarged work load with a substantial increase in his number of touches / carries due to Achane’s knee injury.

The Miami Dolphins will also activate the practice window for their third - string running back in Jeff Wilson Jr., who has spent the 1st - 4 - weeks of the football season on the NFL’s injured reserve list attributed to several different injuries.

The Miami Dolphins Sign a New Player to their Team Roster

The Dolphins also managed to go out and sign running back Jake Funk to the practice squad on last Tuesday, October 10th, 2023. Funk cleared waivers on the Monday before that following Jake unfortunately being released by the Indianapolis Colts as the Colts finally got their number - 1 superstar running back, Jonathan Taylor, signed to a new deal ending his hold - out stemming from his contract dispute with the Indianapolis Colts front office.

Achane has been highly operational throughout his first 4 - contests playing with the Miami Dolphins. De’Von’s 460 - total rushing yards ranks in second - place in the National Football League in back of the unbelievable work horse of a running back in Christian McCaffrey.

Achane’s average of 12.1 - yards per carry is approximately a substantial 5 - yards higher than that of the next closest player behind him so far this year. Breece Hall the young and explosive running back of the New York Jets is the guy trailing Achane with his average of 7.2 - yards per rush. De’Von’s yards per carry average is also the highest in the entire long and illustrious history of the National Football League through a franchise's first 5 - regular - season games of an NFL season.

On the shoulders of Achane's great performances over the past 3 - weeks, the Miami Dolphins lead the National Football League in passing, rushing, as well as scoring while accumulating the most yards of total offense throughout 5 - games in NFL history.

This is some terrible news for the Miami Dolphins and De’Von Achane as he was pacing to have a record setting rookie year for a running back while helping the Miami Dolphins to a great overall record of 4 and 1 throughout the initial 5 - games of the 2023 - 2024 NFL regular - season.

Luckily for both the Miami Dolphins and Achane his knee injury is not extremely serious and he should only miss the mandatory 4 - weeks of NFL games but be back prior to the end of the regular - season to get back to game speed before the 2024 NFL playoffs begin.

De’Von Achane’s Football Career Achievements, Honors, & Awards

  • First - Team All - SEC Selection (2022)


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