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Chicago Cubs Throw a Combined No – Hitter Against the Los Angeles Dodgers


Chicago Cubs Throw a Combined No – Hitter Against the Los Angeles Dodgers

On Thursday, June 24th, 2021 the Chicago Cubs played the Los Angeles Dodgers from Dodger Stadium located in Los Angeles, California. Not only did the Chicago Cubs shut – out the Los Angeles Dodgers and win the ball game with a final score of 4 to 0, but the Chicago Cubs managed to throw a combined no – hitter vs. the L. A. Dodgers on Thursday night. This is the first combined no – hitter in the Chicago Cubs’ long – standing as well as legendary franchise history.

2021 is Major League Baseball’s Year of the No – Hitter

This is the 7th official no – hitter of the 2021 Major League Baseball season. Although Madison Bumgarner of the Arizona Diamondbacks pitched a no – hitter this season, it was not officially recognized as a no – no by the MLB because it was done in a 7 – inning baseball game. The 7 no – hitters so far this year is the most ever before the date of July 1st and it is tied for the most in a single MLB season since 1990 when the modern – era of Major League Baseball began in 1900.

The 2021 Major League Baseball Official No – Hitters

  • Joe Musgrove of the San Diego Padres accomplished this on April 9th, 2021 against the Texas Rangers. This was the first no – hitter ever in the franchise history of the San Diego Padres.
  • Carlos Rodon of the Chicago White Sox Pitched a no – hitter versus the Cleveland Indians on April 14th, 2021 during an 8 to 0 win for the Chicago White Sox.
  • John Means of the Baltimore Orioles no – hit the Seattle Mariners on May 5th, 2021 as the Baltimore Orioles got a rare win against the Seattle Mariners with a final score of 6 to 0 on that day.
  • Wade Miley of the Cincinnati Reds pitched a no – hit bid against the Cleveland Indians once again on May 7th, 2021. Final score of this game was 3 to 0.
  • Spencer Turnbull of the Detroit Tigers somehow pitched a no – hitter against the Seattle Mariners on May 18th, 2021. This game ended with a final score of 5 to 0.
  • Corey Kluber of the New York Yankees threw a no – no versus the Texas Rangers on May 19th, 2021. This was the last of the 6 no – hitters thrown by a pitcher in the American League of Major League Baseball during the 2021 MLB regular season so far this year.
  • The Chicago Cubs combined for a no – hitter against the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 24th, 2021. This was the first no – hitter for the National League of Major League Baseball this year (2021), and it was the first combined no – hitter in the MLB this season as well. The Chicago Cubs’ pitchers that threw during this ball game include Zach Davies, Ryan Tepera, Andrew Chafin, and Craig Kimbrel.

The Chicago Cubs’ Combined No – Hitter on 6/24/2021

This spectacular pitching performance all began with the excellent work of the Chicago Cubs’ right – handed starting pitcher in Zach Davies. Davies made it through 6 complete innings of Thursday night’s win for the Chicago Cubs against the Los Angeles Dodgers before being replaced by a pinch hitter in the top of the 7th inning.

Zach had thrown 94 pitches as he wisely did end up giving up 5 walks to some of the best batters of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ line – up. He struck out 4 hitters on this historic day, and Davies had some very timely plays from his defense set up strategically behind him in the infield as well as the outfield for the Chicago Cubs in order to keep his no – hitter going into the 7th inning of the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Zach is currently carrying an overall record of 5 and 4 during the 2021 MLB season so far.

The first pitcher out of the Chicago Cubs’ bullpen was Ryan Tepera. Tepera threw one solid three out inning for the Cubs during the bottom of the 7th during this first of four outings for Chicago against the L. A. Dodgers over the course of the next few days.

Then the Chicago Cubs’ left – handed shutdown set – up man, Andrew Chafin, entered the ball game in the 8th inning. Chafin tossed another one of his outstanding innings of relief work by getting his three outs, and he only walked one batter for the Los Angeles Dodgers during his work on Thursday night.

Finally, to close out the Los Angeles Dodgers and secure the first ever combined no – hitter for the Chicago Cubs, they called on their hard – throwing right – hander, Craig Kimbrel. Kimbrel is known for sometimes being a little wild and not having complete command of his pitches when coming in to close out a baseball game, but he rarely gives up base hits from his opponents.

Although he walked a man in the 9th inning of this match – up, Craig stuck out all three of the Los Angeles Dodgers that he marked as outs on the score card to close – out this dominating performance of the Chicago Cubs over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday, June 24th, 2021. Kimbrel should be well on his way to this year’s Major League Baseball All – Star Game located in Denver, Colorado. During his 2021 MLB campaign Craig Kimbrel has saved 20 games for the Chicago Cubs. He has an unbelievably tough earned run average of 0.59, with 52 strike – outs, and a WHIP of 0.66.

Craig Kimbrel’s Baseball Career Achievements, Honors, and Awards

  • 7 Time MLB All – Star (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • World Series Champion (2018)
  • National League Rookie of the Year (2011)
  • Delivery Man of the Year (2013)
  • 2 Time Reliever of the Year (2014, 2017)
  • 4 Time National League Saves Leader (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Pitched a Combined No – Hitter (June 24, 2021)
  • Pitched an Immaculate Inning (May 11, 2017)
  • MLB’s 300 Saves Club

Albert Pujols has never been in an MLB line – up that has been no – hit until…

…Thursday, June 24th, 2021. This is absolutely incredible because at this point in Pujols’ illustrious 21 – year Major League Baseball career, in which he has appeared in 2915 professional baseball games, he has never felt the undeniable sting of a no – hitter. Albert Pujols will go down as one of Major League Baseball’s best right – handed hitters ever when it is all said and done with his MLB career, and he is a no doubt first – ballot Baseball Hall of Famer whenever he becomes eligible for this extremely prestigious honor.

Pujols’ Baseball Career Achievements, Honors, and Awards

  • 10 Time MLB All – Star (2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2015)
  • 2 Time World Series Champion (2006, 2011)
  • 3 Time National League MVP (2005, 2008, 2009)
  • National League Rookie of the Year (2001)
  • NLCS MVP (2004)
  • 2 Time Gold Glove Award (2006, 2010)
  • 5 Time Fielding Bible Award (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011)
  • 6 Time Silver Slugger Award (2001, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010)
  • 2 Time Hank Aaron Award (2003, 2009)
  • Roberto Clemente Award (2008)
  • National League Batting Champion (2003)
  • 2 Time National League Home Run Leader (2009, 2010)
  • National League RBI Leader (2010)

Media Statements

"The whole bullpen had no idea," the Chicago Cubs’ left – handed bullpen arm, Andrew Chafin, stated after the ball game. "It was completely oblivious. In our defense, from that bullpen, our perspective on the field, all we can see is like batting averages and the count and stuff like that."

"The hard part is taking out a guy that hasn't given up a hit," the Chicago Cubs’ manager David Ross expressed. "I didn't see him going nine for sure."

"When Willy gave a big fist pump I knew something was up," the Chicago Cubs’ closer Craig Kimbrel relayed to the media in reference to his catcher Willson Contreras. "Then Tepera ran out there and whispered in my ear and was like, 'You have no idea what happened.' Then Javy [Baez] put me in a headlock, and I knew pretty fast what happened. There was a lot of traffic on the bases. When there's a lot of traffic on the bases you don't assume they're all walks. You kind of figure one of them is a single or something like that."

"It's hard to say, but yeah," says the Chicago Cubs’ relief pitcher, Ryan Tepera. "It worked out for the best."

Current MLB Standings (as of Friday, June 25th, 2021)

American League East

Tampa Bay Rays 45 – 31 0 Games Behind

Boston Red Sox 44 – 31 0.5 Games Behind

New York Yankees 40 – 34 4 Games Behind

Toronto Blue Jays 38 – 35 5.5 Games Behind

Baltimore Orioles 23 – 52 21.5 Games Behind

American League Central

Chicago White Sox 44 – 30 0 Games Behind

Cleveland Indians 41 – 31 2 Games Behind

Kansas City Royals 33 – 40 10.5 Games Behind

Detroit Tigers 32 – 43 12.5 Games Behind

Minnesota Twins 31 – 43 13 Games Behind

American League West

Houston Astros 47 – 28 0 Games Behind

Oakland Athletics 46 – 31 2 Games Behind

Seattle Mariners 39 – 37 8.5 Games Behind

Los Angeles Angels 36 – 38 10.5 Games Behind

Texas Rangers 27 – 48 20 Games Behind

National League East

New York Mets 38 – 31 0 Games Behind

Washington Nationals 36 – 36 3.5 Games Behind

Philadelphia Phillies 34 – 37 5 Games Behind

Atlanta Braves 35 – 39 5.5 Games Behind

Miami Marlins 31 – 43 9.5 Games Behind

National League Central

Milwaukee Brewers 42 – 33 0 Games Behind

Chicago Cubs 42 – 33 0 Games Behind

Cincinnati Reds 37 – 36 4 Games Behind

St. Louis Cardinals 36 – 39 6 Games Behind

Pittsburgh Pirates 27 – 46 14 Games Behind

National League West

San Francisco Giants 48 – 26 0 Games Behind

Los Angeles Dodgers 44 – 31 4.5 Games Behind

San Diego Padres 45 – 32 4.5 Games Behind

Colorado Rockies 31 – 44 17.5 Games Behind

Arizona Diamondbacks 21 – 55 28 Games Behind

Odds to Win the MLB 2021 World Series

According to Bovada sportsbook below are the odds to win the MLB 2021 World Series as Friday, June 25th, 2021. Currently the Chicago Cubs have the 15th highest odds to win it all for this exciting 162 game regular season of Major League Baseball in addition to the 2021 MLB playoffs. At the moment the Los Angeles Dodgers have the overall highest odds to win it all for this exciting 162 game regular season of Major League Baseball in addition to the 2021 MLB playoffs.

Team                                                   Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers                           +340
Chicago White Sox                               +675
San Diego Padres                                +700
Houston Astros                                     +800
New York Mets                                     +900
New York Yankees                              +1100
Tampa Bay Rays                                 +1500
Oakland Athletics                                 +1600
Boston Red Sox                                  +1800
San Francisco Giants                          +1800
Milwaukee Brewers                             +2000
Atlanta Braves                                     +2400
St. Louis Cardinals                              +3300
Toronto Blue Jays                                +2500
Chicago Cubs                                      +4500
Cleveland Indians                               +4500
Los Angeles Angels                            +6000
Cincinnati Reds                                   +6600
Philadelphia Phillies                            +7000
Kansas City Royals                             +8000
Washington Nationals                          +8000
Minnesota Twins                                 +10000
Seattle Mariners                                  +10000
Miami Marlins                                      +15000
Detroit Tigers                                       +60000
Pittsburgh Pirates                                +60000
Texas Rangers                                    +75000
Baltimore Orioles                               +100000
Colorado Rockies                               +100000
Arizona Diamondbacks                      +150000



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