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2023 MLB Playoff Picture, Bracket, Standings, Odds, & More (as of 8 / 9 / 23)


2023 MLB Playoff Picture, Bracket, Standings, Odds, & More (as of 8 / 9 / 23)

Now that we are entering the second week of August many of the 2023 Major League Baseball divisional races as well as the 2023 MLB wild - card postseason dreams are hot and alive. Below is a breakdown of the Major League Baseball standings, playoff races, odds of winning, and much more as of Wednesday, August 9th, 2023.

2023 MLB Divisional Standings & Analysis

American League East

  • Baltimore Orioles 70 - 43
  • Tampa Bay Rays 69 - 46
  • Toronto Blue Jays 64 - 51
  • New York Yankees 59 - 55
  • Boston Red Sox 58 - 55

The American League East division of Major League Baseball is probably the most competitive and best division so far throughout the 2023 MLB season. Every team in this division has compiled a record or better than .500 so far this year, and the teams at the top of this division this season are not the usual suspects.

Presently the Baltimore Orioles, the Tampa Bay Rays, and Toronto Blue Jays have a better record than the major big market ball clubs in the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Although any team could still possibly win the A. L. East this division will most likely land 3 of the 6 American League teams that will make the 2023 Major League Baseball playoffs.

American League Central

  • Minnesota Twins 60 - 55
  • Cleveland Guardians 55 - 59
  • Detroit Tigers 50 - 63
  • Chicago White Sox 46 - 69
  • Kansas City Royals 37 - 78

The American League Central division is probably the worst division in Major League Baseball currently with the Minnesota Twins being the only team playing better than .500 so far this year. The Minnesota Twins will most likely win the A. L. Central, and they will be the only ball club to make the 2023 MLB postseason. The Chicago White Sox have been very disappointing this year, and look for them to attempt to rebuild sometime soon.

American League West

  • Texas Rangers 68 - 47
  • Houston Astros 65 - 49
  • Seattle Mariners 61 - 52
  • Los Angeles Angels 57 - 58
  • Oakland A’s 33 - 82

This division is decent this year. It seems as if the young and highly - talented Texas Rangers and the veteran defending World Series champion Houston Astros will be fighting it out over the last 50 games or so this season for the 2023 American League West division title. I believe that both the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros will make the 2023 MLB playoffs.

National League East

  • Atlanta Braves 71 - 40
  • Philadelphia Phillies 62 - 52
  • Miami Marlins 60 - 56
  • New York Mets 51 - 62
  • Washington Nationals 50 - 64

The National League East possesses several solid ball clubs, but the Atlanta Braves are the best team in Major League Baseball at this point in the 2023 MLB season, and they will most likely run away with the N. L. East title this year. The Philadelphia Phillies and the Miami Marlins will be hoping to secure a wild card position in the 2023 MLB postseason.

The New York Mets spent a lot of money recently on their roster, but they have majorly underperformed this season while the Miami Marlins have been surprisingly decent this year. The Philadelphia Phillies made it all the way to the 2022 MLB World Series from a National League wild card spot last season so anything is possible in the playoffs.

National League Central

  • Milwaukee Brewers 62 - 54
  • Chicago Cubs 59 - 55
  • Cincinnati Reds 60 - 57
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 51 - 62
  • St. Louis Cardinals 49 - 65

The National League Central has been close all season long even though most of the teams in this division are fairly mediocre. The Chicago Cubs have been hot lately, but the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers have been at the top of the division for the majority of the 2023 MLB season. It will be very interesting to watch this playoff race as 2 - N. L. Central teams will most likely make the 2023 Major League Baseball postseason, and three teams will be fighting for the division title this year.

National League West

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 66 - 46
  • San Francisco Giants 62 - 52
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 57 - 57
  • San Diego Padres 55 - 59
  • Colorado Rockies 45 - 69

Currently the National League West is being controlled by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and I think they will be the only team in this division to make it into the 2023 MLB playoffs. The San Francisco Giants may make a run at a wild card spot possibly, but I am not sold on them at this point in the season.

MLB - World Series - Winner Odds

Below are the odds for all of the Major League Baseball teams to win the 2023 MLB World Series according to My Bookie.

Atlanta Braves +330

Los Angeles Dodgers +400

Houston Astros +690

Texas Rangers +830

Tampa Bay Rays +940

Baltimore Orioles +1075

Toronto Blue Jays +1650

Philadelphia Phillies +1700

Minnesota Twins +2000

San Francisco Giants +2900

Seattle Mariners +3100

Milwaukee Brewers +3200

San Diego Padres +3900

Chicago Cubs +5200

Miami Marlins +6800

Cincinnati Reds +7500

New York Yankees +8500

Arizona Diamondbacks +11000

Cleveland Guardians +15000

Boston Red Sox +15000

Los Angeles Angels +20000

New York Mets +50000

St. Louis Cardinals +85000

Pittsburgh Pirates +85000

Detroit Tigers +85000

Chicago White Sox +100000

Colorado Rockies +200000

Washington Nationals +200000

Kansas City Royals +225000

Oakland Athletics +225000


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