Burning Man 2022 (Part 3 – Art I)

One of the top two reasons I go to Burning Man is the art. I think it is by far the biggest and best exhibition of art in the world. At that what I’ve seen of the world at 57. There is no snobbery or elitism in Burning Man art. It is all provided for free by the artists. The art itself does indicate who the artist is and often does not have a title. That information is available in the Burning Man map. However, I think most Burners are like me who roam around admiring the art without knowing the title or artist. I think that is how it should be.

According to the Burning Man map, there were 337 pieces of art in 2022. The following pictures are but a mostly random sampling taken during the day. Many need to be appreciated at night, when they are lit up and/or shooting fire. For example, what looks like a dead tree during the day may shoot out fire from the branches at night.

little church

It seems there are always a few churches at Burning Man. This one is the Little Church of Thanks and Prayers. The inside was quite nice, with benches and an altar. On the alter was a large guest book for the public to write their thanks and prayers.

the metal thing
I’m pretty sure this one could walk around, as evidenced by a YouTube video of the burn.
huge fork
This fork was huge. I would roughly guess 20 to 30 feet high.
fire shooting tree
Here is an example of a fire-shooting tree. Many pieces had seating available, like this couch on a swing.
geodesic domes
Burning Man has lots of geodesic domes. Most are in the forum of camp structures. If I should go back, I hope to help in the erecting of one.
ubiquitous swimming creature
The ubiquitous swimming creature in the Burning Man desert.
another ubiquitous swimming creature
Here is another.
This one looked amazing at night, with colorful changing LED lights.
honey containers

This was one of my favorites and the picture doesn’t do it justice. These inflatable honey containers were about 20 feet high. At night, there were about 20 people, including me, trying to knock them down. By the morning, when this picture was taken, some of them evidently didn’t survive all the Tom Foolery at night, as evidenced by laying on their side.

I like the smaller pieces, like this one.

In my next newsletter, I will continue my look at Burning Man art.