Mac King Comedy Magic Show Review

I saw the Mac King Comedy Magic show mid-week last month. Let’s start with the basics. The show plays at 3:00 PM every day at the Excalibur, except Sundays and Mondays. The price for tickets start at $55.54, but by the time they finish adding taxes and fees, it’s up to $77.71. It would not surprise me if discounted tickets were easy to come by. The showroom is small and located on the upper floor. Take the escalators in the middle of the casino and turn left when you get to the top.

The title of the show describes it pretty well; it’s a one-man act who does comedy and magic. Unlike many shows in Vegas, this one is very family friendly. You can feel perfectly safe to bring anyone between the ages of 5 and 105. All will enjoy some good clean fun. The show itself comes off as a low-budget affair, but it’s actually quite good. Many of the magic tricks start off as kind of silly, but there is usually a surprise ending that leaves the audience speechless.

Mac King
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What I like about the show is Mac doesn’t seem to take his act too seriously. Rather, he seems to genuinely enjoy interacting with the audience and I think trying to make each performance unique. There are a lot of self-effacing jokes, like Mac’s suit being made from furniture upholstery and instead of making a tiger disappear, like Sigfried and Roy did, he makes a guinea pig vanish.

I consider myself to be a decent magician and found most of Mac’s tricks to be variants of things I’ve seen before. However, he brings his own campy style to the show and I was sometimes surprised at how a trick ended. I think the audience was impressed and entertained by the end of each trick.

As successful as Mac is as a magician, I think he is even better as a comedian. He is very interactive with the audience. Unlike many comedians, he doesn’t embarrass the audience. Maybe some gentle jabs, but all in good fun.

All things considered, I give Mac King a thumbs up. I can’t say I’ll go out of my way to see the show again, but I left the show happy and maybe feeling a little better about the world that there are nice people like Mac King out there.