Leave it to Beaver Trivia

This week we mourn the passing of Tony Dow. To those my age, Tony should need no introduction. However, to the younger readers of this newsletter, Tony Dow played older brother Wally Cleaver on the black and white television show Leave it to Beaver.

I don’t make a newsletter about every celebrity death, but this one merits an exception. Leave it to Beaver aired from 1957 to 1963. I was born in 1965 and watched every episode in reruns, many times. The show featured a family of two boys, with Tony Dow playing older brother, Wally. As the oldest of three boys, I could relate to Wally. I’d like to think I was a good and nurturing older brother, to which I would give the role of Wally much credit as an example. Although Beaver could be quite annoying at times, Wally was patient with him, always advising and protecting the Beaver. He was the perfect and quintessential older brother.

Tony Dow died yesterday, on July 27, of cancer at the age of 77 in Topanga, California.

I would like to pay tribute to Tony with the following Leave it to Beaver trivia challenge.

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  1. 1. True or false – A young Alice Cooper played the role of Eddie Haskell?
  2. 2. The show premiered on October 4, 1957. What other notable event happened that day?
  3. 3. What was the name of the town the show took place in?
  4. 4. What state was said town in?
  5. 5. What two-word phrase was used many times on the show to describe people or things in a positive way?
  6. 6. What was arguably June Cleaver’s most famous catch phrase?
  7. 7. What was the name of Beaver’s classmate who was frequently mentioned, but never seen?
  8. 8. What was the Beaver’s first name?
  9. 9. What was Wally’s first name (it wasn’t Wally)?
  10. 10. Actor Ken Osmond, who played Eddie Haskell, went onto what profession after his time as a child actor?
  11. 11. Who was Beaver’s tattletale classmate who frequently got him into trouble?
  12. 12. The second episode “Captain Jack,” was the first episode in American history to show what?
  13. 13. What was the name of Wally’s girlfriend, who he eventually marries?
  14. 14. What was the name of Beaver’s school?
  15. 15. What was the name of Beaver’s second grade teacher, whom he had a crush on?
  16. 16. What was June’s maiden name?
  17. 17. How did Beaver get that nickname?
  18. 18. What was the name of the fireman?
  19. 19. What was the name of the 1983 reunion show?
  20. 20. What significant change happened between seasons two and three?
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  1. 1. False. This urban legend seems to stem from an Alice Cooper quote in which he said he was Eddie Haskell as a kid. He evidently meant he was like him in personality.
  2. 2. The Soviet launch of Sputnik.
  3. 3. Mayfield.
  4. 4. The show never specified, but California is my best guess, based on conversations about surfboards and going to the beach. Arguments have also been made for Wisconsin and Ohio, but I think the preponderance of the evidence points to California.
  5. 5. “Real neat.”
  6. 6. “Ward, I’m worried about the Beaver.”
  7. 7. Angela Valentine
  8. 8. Theodore
  9. 9. Wallace
  10. 10. He became a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department
  11. 11. Judy Hensler
  12. 12. A toilet
  13. 13. Mary Ellen Rogers
  14. 14. Grant Avenue Grammar School
  15. 15. Miss Canfield
  16. 16. Bronson
  17. 17. Wally, I assume when Beaver was still a baby, couldn’t pronounce Theodore.
  18. 18. Gus
  19. 19. Still the Beaver
  20. 20. The Cleavers got a new home.


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