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This week we pay tribute to Bob McGrath, who was one of the original human cast members of Sesame Street. I was born in 1965 and Sesame Street came along four years later, in 1969. I was the target audience when the show came out and was a proud member. Bob McGrath played Bob the music teacher on the show. He was, with little doubt, the best singer on the show and would frequently transition from a conversation to a song. Sesame Street was a happy place, but Bob especially was always smiling and in a good mood. The only time I recall him being a little somber was when the show addressed the death of Mr. Hooper. Even then, Bob had encouraging words to help grieve.

Bob McGrath died on December 4, at the age of 90, of a stroke. He is survived by his wife Ann of 64 years, five children, and eight grandchildren. To honor Bob, I present the following Sesame Street trivia challenge.

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1. What was Bert’s favorite letter?
2. Which Muppet was supposed to be a fruit bat?
3. How could you tell Bert and Ernie’s beds apart?
4. What toy did Ernie always take a bath with?
5. According to urban legend, who were Bert and Ernie named after?
6. What is Bert’s favorite food?
7. What is the name of Big Bird’s teddy bear?
8. Which two human characters on Sesame Street married on the show (but not real life)?
9. What type of pet did Bert have?
10. Oscar never left his trash can. However, when he needed to go somewhere, how did he get there?
11. What was Gordon’s job?
12. Who originally ran the Sesame Street store?
13. Who hosted Monsterpiece Theater?
14. What superhero came to Sesame Street in 1982 to promote vegetables?
15. What are the first five lines to the Sesame Street theme song?
16. Who was Big Bird’s friend, who originally nobody else believed really existed outside of Big Bird’s imagination?
17. Who hosted “News Flash”?
18. In a presidential debate, which candidate expressed love for which Muppet, while at the same time supporting cutting funding to the show?
19. What was Grover’s superhero alter-ego?
20. What was the Count’s full name?
21. Which Muppet is openly said to have autism?
22. Which Muppet displays all the characteristics of mild autism, but was never openly diagnosed on the show?
23. Which four First Ladies made appearances on Sesame Street?
24. Which president professed to watch Sesame Street as a child?
25. In 1970, which state banned Sesame Street over its integrated cast?
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1. W
2. Rosita. Her full name is Rosita, La Monstrua de las Cuevas (Rosita, the monster of the caves).
3. They were labeled with a B and E on the headboards.
4. His rubber ducky.
5. Even I, the skeptic, used to believe the story that Bert and Ernie were named after the policeman and mailman in It’s a Wonderful Life. However, this appears to be just a coincidence. (Source: Entertainment Legends Revealed)
6. Oatmeal.
7. Radar. Coincidentally, the character of Radar on MASH also had a teddy bear.
8. Luis and Maria.
9. Pigeons
10. Bruno, the trash man, carried Oscar and his trash can wherever Oscar wanted to go.
11. He was a science teacher.
12. Mr. Hooper
13. Cookie Monster
14. Captain Vegetable
15. Sunny Day
       Sweepin' the clouds away
       On my way to where the air is sweet
       Can you tell me how to get?
       How to get to Sesame Street
16. Mr. Snuffleupagus
17. Kermit
18. Mitt Romney and Big Bird.
19. Super Grover
20. Count von Count
21. Julia
22. Bert
23. Hilary Clinton, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush and Michelle Obama
24. Barack Obama
25. Mississippi
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