Weekly Update

This week’s newsletter is dedicated to Estelle Harris who played George’s mother on one of my favorite television shows, Seinfeld. Hers was also the unmistakable voice of Mrs. Potato Head in the Toy Story movies. In honor of Estelle, we celebrate with Seinfeld trivia this week. Serenity Now.

Cinema Blend

Image source: Cinema Blend


  1. What is the name of the coffee shop where Jerry and friends often meet?
  2. What did Elaine usually order there?
  3. What were the names of George’s parents?
  4. What occupation did George’s mother think George should have been?
  5. Who was George’s fiancé and what was her cause of death?
  6. According to Jerry and Elaine, what is the least number of dates where etiquette states a face-to-face breakup is warranted?
  7. Jerry named his t-shirts. Name the two referred to in the show.
  8. What book earned Jerry years of overdue library fees?
  9. When Jerry appeared on the Today Show, what did he wear?
  10. What did occupation did George wish he were?
  11. What occupation did Jerry falsely claim for George to improve his chances of arranging a blind date?
  12. What name did George want to name his future son?
  13. What holiday did George’s father make up and when is it celebrated?
  14. When Jerry and Kramer view an open-heart surgery, what candy ends up in the body?
  15. What is Elaine’s last name?
  16. What is Kramer’s first name?
  17. Who cheated on his/her IQ test and how?
  18. What was on Kramer’s license plate?
  19. Jerry made out with his girlfriend through what movie?
  20. What movie does Elaine hate?
  21. Whose Pakistani restaurant does Jerry to save?
  22. What kind of pasta did Kramer use to make a statue of Jerry?
  23. During a piano performance by George’s girlfriend, Jerry places a Pez dispenser of whom on Elaine’s leg?
  24. Who was known to say, “No soup for you!” when angered?
  25. Who is known to double-dip when eating chips?
  26. What two adjectives does Jerry’s girlfriend Sidra use to describe her breasts?
  27. What condition does George (and every man) suffer from when submerged in cold water?
  28. What is Elaine’s preferred method of birth control?
  29. What territory did Newman hold when playing Risk, that Kramer said was poorly defended?
  30. According to a misprinted Trivial Pursuit card, who invaded Spain in the eighth century?
New York Times

Image source: New York Times


  1. Monk’s Café.
  2. The “big salad.”
  3. Frank and Estelle.
  4. A mailman.
  5. Susan. Licking wedding invitation envelopes.
  6. Seven.
  7. Golden Boy and Baby Blue.
  8. Tropic of Cancer.
  9. A puffy shirt.
  10. An architect.
  11. A marine biologist.
  12. Seven.
  13. Festivus. December 23.
  14. A Junior Mint.
  15. Benes.
  16. Cosmo.
  17. George. He got Elaine to take it for him.
  18. ASSMAN.
  19. Schindler’s List.
  20. The English Patient.
  21. Babu.
  22. Fusilli.
  23. Tweety Bird.
  24. The Soup Nazi.
  25. George.
  26. Real and spectacular.
  27. Shrinkage.
  28. The sponge.
  29. Ukraine.
  30. The Moops.