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Last Updated: June 7, 2003

June 7, 2003

The Wizard's News
June 7, 2003

Welcome to the new newsletter

This is actually the second edition of the new newsletter, but due to a technical glitch some of you didn't see the first newsletter. For those who missed the last issue, the big news is that I now own my site 100%. My old partners (Webstorm) got the old domain name (, so I've moved all my content to a new home at When my partners and I split up, I got the website and they got the mailing list. So if you were subscribed to the old newsletter, you'll still get Webstorm's newsletter. Note that although it's titled the "Wizard of Odds/Casino Specials" newsletter it's put out entirely by Webstorm and I have nothing to do with it. For more about the changes with the website please see the May 9 newsletter.

Multistrike Poker

A new addition to the website is the strategy for Multistrike Poker. This game is sort of a combination of video poker and a video game. Every time the player gets any paying hand he gets to play another hand, up to four hands. Each level is worth twice as much as the last. So a royal flush on level 4 with 5 coins per level would pay 8*4000=32000 coins. Sometimes a "free ride" card comes along, which gives the player an automatic ride to the next level. 

The strategy at the last hand, or after any free ride card, is the same as conventional video poker. Otherwise there is an incentive to get any paying hand, resulting in a more conservative strategy. Surprisingly the strategy in these cases is not that much different. Depending on the pay table the optimal strategy return can reach up to 100.88%. For all the details, including a strategy for the Full Pay Deuces Wild version visit my Multistrike Poker section.

Global Interactive Gaming Summit

In other news I will be attending the 5th Annual Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo in Montreal June 17 to 19. If you are planning to go and wish to meet me feel free to let me know. The show producers declined my request for a press pass so this is all the publicity they are going to get from me.

Casino of the Month

This week I would like to plug iNetBet. Their offer for new players is a 30% bonus, up to deposits of $500. The play requirement is 10 times the deposit to claim the bonus, and 5 times the bonus to cash it out. However the requirement for blackjack and other 21 games is 15 times the deposit and bonus. I would recommend playing Joker Poker to earn this bonus. With optimal strategy this game has a return of 100.18%, although 0.23% is from the A-K sequential royal, a 1 in 4.3 million hand. The iNetBet banner on my website hasn't been doing well so if you are thinking of playing this promotion please play it soon because I plan to remove the banner soon if results don't pick up. This is your chance for a bonus with an expected value of over $150 and a way to support this site, and I definitely could use the support. If you do play don't forget to put in the promotion code, which is currently QFKHF, when making a deposit.