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High Striker


High Striker is a game unlike anything I've seen before. Imagine an investment in something that grows at a consistent interest rate but the bubble could pop at any time and it will be worth nothing. Kind of like Bitcoin or Beanie Babies. That is what this game is like, with an interest rate of 6.15% per second.

The game is by Evoplay Entertainment, a supplier of software to Internet casinos.


  1. Play starts with the player making a bet. This can be done during the five seconds between games or clicking the "play the next round" while a game is in progress.
  2. The player must set a bet amount and optionally may choose an "auto cash out" point.
  3. Once the game begins, it will have an "Instant Crash" with a 1 in 51 chance. If that happens, the bet will be lost.
  4. Otherwise, a multiplier will start out at 1x.
  5. The multiplier will grow at a rate of 0.9% every 0.15 seconds. This equates to a growth rate of 6.155% per second.
  6. For every 0.15 seconds, the probability of surviving is 1/1.009, or about 99.108%. The alternative to surviving is a "Crush."
  7. If the game survives an "Instant Crash" and goes 115.76 seconds, then the multiplier will have grown to 1000x and the game will automatically end.
  8. The player can cash out at any time he wishes by clicking the "cash out" button. The player may cash out early if he set an "auto cash out" before the game.
  9. The game ensures fairness by giving a hash code to every round, which the player may verify after the game that the outcome was predestined before any bets were made.
High Striker full screen

I should mention that the rules screen and production sheet contradict themselves and, in my opinion, are very poorly worded about how the Instant Crash probability and house edge are determined. However, they specifically say there is 1 in 51 chance of an Instant Crash, which is what I'm basing my analysis on. I think this probability is configurable by the casino operator.

I will say, mostly for my own benefit, that a 1/51 Instant Crash probability is mathematically equivalent to prepaying a 2% commission with no Instant Crash and thereafter a fair rate of growth.

High Striker Graph


The house edge is simply the Instant Crash probability. One you survive the Instant Crash period, you have a fair game. Following are some miscellaneous statistics about the game, assuming you survive the Instant Crash period.

The following table shows the probability of making it to various multiplier goals, assuming a 1/51 Instant Crash probability.

Win Probability

1.1 0.891266
1.25 0.784314
1.5 0.653595
2 0.490196
3 0.326797
4 0.245098
5 0.196078
10 0.098039
15 0.065359
20 0.049020
25 0.039216
50 0.019608
75 0.013072
100 0.009804
200 0.004902
500 0.001961
1000 0.000980

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