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Gamblit is what I will call games made by the makers of skill-based casino games, Gamblit Gaming. I first heard of Gamblit at the 2016 Cutting Edge Table Game show in Las Vegas, where they were the buzz of the entire show and winners of the best new game. Gamblit Gaming makes multiple different games. I don't want to create a separate page for each one, so will refer to all games by Gambling Gaming as "Gamblit" games.

Following is a video I made at the show.


The following rules are based on two table-top machines at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas that accommodated two to four players. There may be other games by Gamblit that follow different rules.

  1. For a game to occur, two to four players are needed.
  2. Each player must place an equal bet. At the MGM Grand the bet size was $2.
  3. A countdown clock will count down and then the game will begin.
  4. A spinning prize wheel will randomly determine the prize that will go to the winner. The following list shows the possible ratios of the prize pool to the total amount bet at the MGM Grand machines.
    • 0.6
    • 0.75
    • 0.9
    • 1.2
    • 1.5
    • 2.1
    • 2.4
    • 3
    • 6
    • 30
    • 60

    In my experience playing about 20 times, the wins were always one of the three lowest possible.

  5. The players will then start playing whatever the game is. No matter the objective, a commonality to all Gamblit games is cards are revealed one at a time. The first player to press "grab" gets the card. Each player may only grab so many cards, so care should be made to not clutter your hand with cards that don't help you, or hurt your opponents.
  6. If nobody grabs a given card in 1.7 seconds the game will deal the next one in the deck.
  7. Once any player has completed his hand the game will go into a countdown mode where it will deal out a specified number of final cards.
  8. If a player gets the highest possible hand, for example a royal flush in a poker-based game, then that player will automatically win.
  9. Once all the cards are dealt, or every player has a full hand, then hands will be scored and the player with the highest score will win the pot.