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Fast Poker


Fast Poker is a simple game of luck by SmartSoft Gaming. It uses a 20-card deck and the player wins according to the poker value of a random five-card hand.

fast poker


  1. A 20-card deck is used, consisting of all four cards from rank 10 to ace.
  2. After making a bet, the 20 cards are laid out face down and the player chooses any five of them.
  3. The player is paid according to the poker value of his chosen five-card hand and the pay table below. Pays are on a "for one" basis.

Fast Poker Pay Table

Bet Pays
Royal flush 100
Four of a kind 20
Full house 10
Straight 3
Three of a kind 2
All other 0


The following table shows the probability and contribution to the return of all possible outcomes. The lower right cell shows a return to player of 88.36%. This equates to a house edge of 11.64%.

Fast Poker Return Table

Bet Pays Combinations Probability Return
Royal flush 100 4 0.000258 0.025800
Four of a kind 20 80 0.005160 0.103199
Full house 10 480 0.030960 0.309598
Straight 3 1,020 0.065789 0.197368
Three of a kind 2 1,920 0.123839 0.247678
All other 0 12,000 0.773994 0.000000
Total   15,504 1.000000 0.883643

External Links

Play Fast Poker at the SmartSoft Gaming site for fun.