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Last Updated: May 22, 2020

Crypto Busta / Crash Game Explained


Crash is term usually used for a simple game of chance that a random number will be over a given goal set by the player. It is usually played at cryptocurrency casinos. Comparisons could be made to the game Dice, but the random number in Crash has no upper limit.


Following are the general rules of Crash. Each provider may present the game differently and call it by different names, but the concept is simple and consistent.

  1. The player will choose a bet and a winning goal. For example, $10 to win $25.
  2. A "Lifetime," for lack of a better term, will start at a fixed point, usually 0 or 1.
  3. It will then grow at an exponential rate, until it crashes at some random time. In other words, it will take many micro-steps. At each step, it will either grow at a minute rate, like 0.5%, or crash. The grow or crash probability is carefully chosen to ensure a house advantage.
  4. If the Lifetime grows past the players goal, then he will win.
  5. In some versions, the player does not have to set a winning goal, but may "collect" at any time as long as the Lifetime has not crashed yet.

The general formula for the probability of winning is r×b/g, where:

  • b = bet amount
  • g = winning goal
  • r = theoretical return of game


The game 1000X Busta is a version of Crash by 4ThePlayer. It starts the Lifetime at 1.0 and the player may choose a goal anywhere from 1.01 to 1000. Whatever the goal, the game sets the probability of winning to be 97%. For example, if the player bet $5, with a goal of winning $25, then the probability of winning would be (0.97 × 25) / 5 = 19.4%.

Play 1000X Busta (another name for Crash) for free at 4ThePlayer.

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Wizard Recommends

  • Up to $12,250 in Bonuses
  • $12,500 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% Welcome Bonus