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Online casino payment methods are one of the key points to consider for any enjoyable gambling experience. The games library and bonus offers are arguably among the first factors that determine the time players spend at a particular online casino. After all, there is no point in making large deposits into your player account if you can hardly find any games to go through your bankroll. Alternately, a rich game selection can be just as much a nuisance, especially if the bonus bankroll boosts come with strings attached.

online casino payments Venus Point

While it can be hard to stretch your budget in order to meet all your player needs, it is even more difficult to get the funds into your casino player account in the first place, if there are no suitable banking methods. In this regard, players are advised to use guidelines when distinguishing between suitable banking methods. Specifically for online casino players, but other e-shoppers as well, the method’s security standards, legal compliance and regional availability are among key features to consider.

Fees and user policies may additionally influence your online payment experience. After all, engaging in online gambling activities is generally best done under controlled circumstances, with clearly set out bankroll management strategies. Any cuts on your budget are bound to mess with your player experience, so it’s best to add these considerations to your selection process.

Ultimately, as it turns out, banking methods are an important segment of the whole e-commerce industry, and the success and satisfaction of both the merchants and their customer base.

About Venus Point

With so much attention addressed to the matter of banking methods, it is no wonder that new and improved services started appearing by the dozens. While existing financial companies and payment processors expanded their coverage to include online transactions, there are those that fully focus on it. Some additionally specialize in geographic regions, markets or even specific payment structures, all in order to make for a more dedicated approach to their target user pool.

Venus Point…

… is a stored value electronic financial platform that functions as a payment processor.

This means that its users can choose to keep value in their Venus Point accounts, and additionally use these funds to pay for products and services on any third-party merchant platforms. What is more, they can request and process reimbursements through the service, as well as regular withdrawals from specific sites.

The payment processing service…

…is a rather recent addition dating only as far back as 2017, and specifically works to cater to the Asian continent. In all honesty, the service does not have any stringent restrictions, but it does reserve the right to deny some applicants application for a Venus Point account based on their judgment.

Venus Point’s official website…

… is available in both Japanese and English, which further indicates their focus in terms of player traffic. Nevertheless, they manage to retain a more international approach by choosing US dollars as the default, natural currency of the service. Players and users alike will be able to use their local currencies as well, provided they are available on the platform; be aware that currency conversion exchange rates come with certain commission charges.

Alongside this, there may be some consequences in terms of time lapses; the service specifies in their terms of use that there is no set timeframe in which they process payments or perform any other financial services. There are relatively little complaints on the matter so far, although there is much to be seen as the stored value payment processor progresses.

Opening a Venus Point Account

Opening a Venus Point Account

Considering that you have gone through the main features of the service, you would already be aware of your eligibility to use it as well. Even if you aren’t sure, you can always get started with the signup process and see for yourself – the service simply denies access to users from select regions and does not proceed with the following steps of the registration process.

In case the service checks out at all major points, simply follow the registration process and get access to a top payment method in no time. Venus Point is known for the straightforward and extremely short registration that will get you started in no time; so you won’t regret taking the time to go over the following steps even if it doesn’t manage to meet your needs.

  1. When you reach the official homepage of the online payment processing service, you will see a regular sign-in form that requires the user’s email and password. However, for those individuals that are new to the service, there is the New Registration button right below it. Click on it to head to the temporary registration site and get started.
  2. Once you reach the registration page, enter the email you would like to link with your account, and confirm it in the next designated box. Right after confirming it, you should receive an email on your specific email address under the nameBook Registration’. Open it and click on the provided link to head to the next step of the registration.
  3. The link will load a different registration page from the Venus Point website, where interested users will be asked to provide some basic personal information. These shouldn’t include anything out of the ordinary – on the contrary, it is known to register players without the strict ID checks that normally take up lengthy periods of time.
  4. Once you enter all the information and verify them, you should expect to get a different email sent to your address. This Completion email will practically inform you of the finalization of the process, after which you should be able to use your specific email and passwords and enter your newly created Venus Point account. Hereafter, simply store value whenever you need it and use it at the many e-merchants which support these transactions.

Bear in mind that…

… you will get a few more guidelines once you are in your user account. The service provides the majority of its commission and fee charges inside the user accounts rather than publicly displaying them.

Plus, here you will learn all about thepoints transfer system that is unique for Venus Point. To put it simply, this service claims to enable users to pay and receive chargebacks from third party merchants in the form of points rather than cash.

These points are earned for each transaction you perform, and any one user can make use of these points at a ‘1 point equals 1 dollar’ exchange rate.

Further specifics about the service are also available on the site or through your personal user profile. Make sure to check them out, just to stay informed about all the things concerning your payment method.

Venus Point at Online Casino Sites

One of the greatest uses of this payment method is found in the interactive gambling industry. Player bankrolls significantly benefit from the points structure introduced above; in fact, players practically play using the points, and withdraw winnings in the same way.

On the whole, users can benefit…

… from up to 10,000 points per month, but there are even more specific limits when it comes to online casino and gambling sites. Players at these platforms are normally permitted to credit up to $1,000 to an online casino per month, bringing them 4 points for the transaction (each $500 deposit brings in 2 points).

Venus Point Online Casino Deposits

Step 1: The deposit process for Venus Point users at online casinos is not only quick and easy, but also profitable, as mentioned above. Paired with the easy transaction process, it makes for an all the more attractive payment option. To start off, head to the Banking page at your chosen casino operator and seek out the Venus Point logo. Click on it and get the deposit process underway.

Step 2: Clicking on the icon will lead you to the payment processor’s website – here, you will need to log in with your own user credentials, email and password. Once you are inside the account, make sure to enter all the details of the transaction – amount, the recipient and anything else they might require.

Step 3: Consider any accompanying factors such as currency and transaction fees before finalizing the process, because all transactions made with the service are irreversible. Additionally, if you are planning on using funds that are stored in your bank account, you will need to fill in further information in order to get the funds transferred to the end destination. Required details will most likely include your own account number, bank, branch office, amount of funds and account type. After you get the funds to your Venus Point account, you can continue with the deposit process as usual.

Step 4: Confirm the transaction and see the link redirect you back to your chosen online casino site. Here, you should see the funds credited immediately, although there are no specific timeframes for the funds transfer execution.

Withdrawing from Venus Point Online Casino Sites

Step 1: Even though deposits are mandatory for a real money online casino experience, withdrawals are all the more important to the player pool because they represent the fruit of all their efforts. Regardless of a big or small win, it can be easily cashed out with the help of this payment method. All you need to do to get started is head to the withdrawal section and click to select this icon from the list of available methods.

Step 2: As earlier, during deposits, this will redirect you to the official website; sign into your current account and confirm it. Normally, you would do this by providing your account number, as well as the specific amount you would like to cash out from the online casino.

Step 3: Once all the information are properly input, simply verify the transaction request and see the funds transfer to the Venus Point account. From there, players can choose to have them used for other transactions, or to have them transferred to a different account. Just make sure the transaction is fully completed before initiating a different one – both deposits from and withdrawals to Venus Point accounts keep the funds at the original storage location until the final verification, and transfer them only as everything else is confirmed.

Pros of Venus Point Casinos

  • Security – The Venus Point security features match the industry standards, as well as the banking provisions set up at most jurisdictions. The service uses safe portals, payment gateways, as well as suitable encryption to ensure there are no breaches of users’ privacies. Furthermore, its precautionary measures meet legislation needs, making up for a rather stable service on the whole.
  • Funds storage – The matter of funds storage is a particularly crucial aspect of the overall security. Users that have stored value onto their user accounts actually have their funds kept in pooled accounts, spread across bank accounts at one or several banking institutions. This ensures that they are always kept under the highest and latest protection technologies, and at the same time provide some reasonable sustainability for the company, which stands to benefit from any potential interest accrued from these accounts.
  • Ease of access – The Venus Point’s easy and straightforward style is evident from registration, through deposits, all the way to withdrawals. All processes last relatively shortly, despite specific timeframes, and only consist of a few steps.
  • Availability – The service is focused on the Asian marketplace, but there are many international player pools whose players are eligible to make use of this payment processing method. Such coverage is quite promising for such a recent service, especially in terms of its stability and further growth.
  • Fee policy – The site, i.e. their Terms of Use specify a $1.80 commission fee for each $900 transacted. Such low charges, along with the extra points awarded to each user for simply using the service definitely boost player bankroll.

Cons of Venus Point Casinos

  • Vague timeframe – Despite a good track record so far, the service is relatively new on the e-commerce, and interactive gambling market specifically. Therefore, even with user testimonials and generally average to fast transfer times, the lack of a specific timeframe for payments processing is often viewed as a disadvantage.
  • Unspecific coverage – The lack of a specific regional coverage is another vagueness that pushes potential users away from the service. Even though they have handled these matters internally, the payment service’s team still needs to work on making information fully transparent for potential and current users both.

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Are there any contact options for user inquiries?

Yes, users can address the support team 24/7 through the contact form on the site, or via the email address of the support service.

Can I make multiple transactions without having completed the current one?

No, players will need to see their current transaction completed before requesting a following one. This is predominantly due to the shared Funds pools kept at banking institutions, and the reliability of keeping funds there rather than moving them constantly.

What are suitable alternative payment methods for online casino players?

Most online casino players nowadays seek out modern, online payment processors. Aside from this one, they could additionally address EntroPay, Skrill, Paysafecard, Trustly and more.

Will online casino players from the US be eligible to use Venus Point at their chosen sites?

Yes, they will be available, although this may differ from one state to another. The best thing to do is give the registration process a try – if there are no signs of progress or an email to move on to the following step, you will most need to seek out a different banking method for your US online casino site.

What types of player bonuses will be available at these casino sites?

The majority of online casinos operating nowadays tend to offer the full range of bonuses and promotions. Some of these – No Deposit and First Deposit Welcome bonuses – are used to attract players to the site, while Reload bonuses and Weekly Cashback offers normally appeal to the more regular audience. Venus Point casino sites offer players all these benefits, along with the already existing points structure available by the payment method.