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As a South African online casino player, you don’t have that many options when it comes to convenient payment methods to use across global casinos, but should you come across a site that offers SmartEFT, make sure you stick with it. This is a solution that will allow you to get the most out of your gambling time since it is an electronic funds transfer service that facilitates the transaction using smart tools to provide you with seamless online banking. Its popularity across online casinos continues growing, so stop your search as you've found the perfect solution to use, available across top South African sites. What is SmartEFT and why choose to use it as your online casino payment method?

About SmartEFT

As implied by its name, SmartEFT is an EFT (electronic funds transfer) service that leverages the internet and smart tools to provide users in South Africa with seamless online transactions. It is basically a service that facilitates the transfer of funds as you knew it, making it far faster, cost-efficient and more convenient. It was launched along with many other similar financial products, by one of the most powerful IT companies in the country, SmartPoint, hence its name.

SmartPoint is the leader in tech and innovation in South Africa, having launched so many products, and always improving its offering, working hard to keep its position as a leading IT company on the scene. It has so far launched so many smart solutions that solved so many of the well-known South African problems related to the internet, especially online banking. But so far, considering it made users' online banking way easier, SmartEFT is its most popular product.

What the solution does is it takes on the role of a middleman, connecting the user, their bank and the recipient’s bank, helping all parties electronically send/receive transfers from one bank to another. It does that thanks to its partnerships with some of the biggest South African banks like Standard Bank, Nedbank, Old Mutual Bank, ABSA Bank, Bidvest Bank, Investec, Capitec Bank, African Bank, Tyme and First National Bank. Basically, it does all the hard job instead of you.

You don’t need to go visit your bank to request an electronic funds transfer anymore; you just go online, visit the eCommerce site where you’d want to pay, and the solution would take it from there. As soon as you request a transaction, SmartEFT will ensure it gets processed in no time. And as you’ll soon learn, the entire process is incredibly easy and intuitive, and you basically don’t even need to lift a finger. That’s precisely why the solution is the star method in South Africa at the moment.

And that’s also why the solution managed to get listed across some of the best online casinos that accept South African players. Operators that cater to players from the region made sure they make it available to their customers, and that’s why you, as a South African player, will get an array of sites to explore before you decide on the one to go with. You know that online gambling laws in South Africa are still discussed by the government and the situation is still complicated, but global sites do accept players from the country, so if you’re ready, let’s check out the getting started procedure next so that you could start using the solution for the smoothest deposits and withdrawals across your favourite casinos.

Getting Started with It

We mentioned that the solution does the hard job for you and we meant it. By that, we mean there’s no actual registration procedure you’d need to go through, you don’t need to create any special new accounts to use it, nada. What happens is, the solution has integrated with the leading banks in the country, as listed previously, therefore, you’d need to access your online banking profile and by that, you’ll immediately access its service. In fact, there’s even a way for you to use it by directly going to the site you want to purchase something from or pay for a service and in a few simple steps, you can complete the transaction.

Since we’re interested in knowing how the solution can be used in casinos, we’ll go through these steps in casino terms. If intending to make a deposit, you’d need to choose it as your preferred method, and specify how much you’d want to top up your account with; the casino’s banking details will be pre-entered. If intending to make a withdrawal, choose it as your payment solution and enter your bank account details, meanwhile specifying how much you’d like to cash out. As easy as that!

The money is on the way the minute you confirm the transaction, meaning the minute all the required details have been entered. You get a notification with a confirmation code before the transaction is sent, as this is the banks’ two-factor authentication procedure, making sure that everything goes smoothly.

These are the basic steps you’d need to make for depositing and withdrawing with the solution; since there’s no real getting started procedure, we took you through the actual transfer procedure. But continue reading to know exactly the steps you need to go through to successfully make a deposit/withdrawal at an online casino.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with SmartEFT?

The first thing we should reinstate here is that you will find the solution offered across the finest South African casinos. You can rest assured that the solution is now offered by the very best sites, considering its popularity among players and operators alike. So, after you explore a few sites and decide on the one to join, make sure you register your account with that casino.

To make a deposit with SmartEFT, you’d need to go through the following steps:

  1. Visit the casino’s Deposits/Banking page.
  2. Look for SmartEFT’s logo on the Accepted Methods list, and if not available, just choose the Direct Transfer option.
  3. If the casino’s banking details are not pre-entered, which is highly unlikely really, contact Customer Support to get the needed details.
  4. Specify how much you’d like to top up your casino balance with.
  5. Wait for the confirmation code, confirm the transfer and watch the money arrive in mere seconds.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

We mentioned earlier that withdrawals are as easy to make, only this time, after you choose the solution as your payment method, you need to enter your banking details and then specify how much you’d like to cash out. Keep in mind, though, that although there might not be transaction limits with the solution, casinos implement limits as to how much can really be withdrawn. So, before you request a withdrawal, check for any limits.

The casino will take its time to review your request, and after it confirms it, you'll both get confirmation codes, to know that the transaction was successful. Your winnings will arrive in your bank account in no time.

Fees and Limits

Believe it or not, even though offering an intermediary service, the solution comes with no fees at all! Since it has partnered with leading banks in South Africa, it offers its service for free to facilitate transfers for you.

And since the transactions are in your native currency, you won’t even have to pay conversion fees! Keep in mind, though, that standard bank-related fees would apply, so you’d need to check with your bank to see how big they might be.

Allowed Countries

We’ve been specific that the solution was designed by a South African company for South Africans. Therefore, it goes without saying that the solution is only available in South Africa.

In fact, the only condition to using it is to be a South African with an active bank account with one of the banks we listed before. If you don’t have one, you’d need to visit one of the banks to open your bank account and start using the services of this solution.

Available Currencies

Having in mind what we just shared, it is probably clear to you that the South African rand is the default currency with this solution.

That’s actually why SmartEFT is the number one choice of so many South African players frequenting online casinos that accept their native currency; you won’t be paying any conversion fees, and you’ll be enjoying smooth transactions.

However, since at its core, this is an EFT service, it does allow users to use mainstream currencies, too, subject to a conversion fee. Therefore, if you wish, you could also use currencies like the euro, the US and the Canadian dollar, for instance.

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Is there an official website I could explore to find out more about SmartEFT?

While there’s no official website for SmartEFT, there’s actually a page on SmartPoint’s official website where you could learn more about the solution.

Is there a Customer Support team I could get in touch with in case I experience any problems when using the solution?

You’d need to visit SmartPoint’s official website and go to the Contact Us page. There, you'll find the company's physical address, the email address [email protected] and the mobile phone line 012 803 7868, to get in touch with its team whenever you want to. For transactions with it, you can try your bank’s Support team, and for deposits/withdrawals across casinos, try your chosen casino’s Customer Support.

Is it possible to cancel the transaction I requested with SmartEFT?

Unfortunately, once initiated, the transaction you requested with SmartEFT cannot be cancelled. The thing is, the participating banks have already processed the transaction, so you’d need to get in touch with their Support teams to see if anything could be done and whether a refund is possible.

Is there a mobile app I could download to get quicker access to SmartEFT service?

While SmartPoint has not yet launched an app for it, nor shared plans for launching one, the only app you could use to get quick access to the service is your bank's app. Check with your bank whether they have an app you could download and whether the app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Is the solution safe to use across global casinos that accept South African players?

As a matter of fact, it is. This is a service backed up by leading South African banks, therefore, you can rest assured that the security measures offered by your bank are also those that are implemented when using this solution.

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