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Online payment methods have taken on many different formats since the early days of cashless money transfers. These capabilities were first noted in paper checks, later on in plastic credit and debit cards, only to reach the modern online payment processing services of today.

The latter’s appearance was largely dependent on the tech progress made with the advent of the Internet. Its connectivity has allowed existing banking and financial institutions to take their operations online, just as much as new establishments have been able to optimize the release of their own solutions.

In an effort…

…to make it more convenient for the everyday online user, these payment facilitation services have identified key features that ensure greater satisfaction.


On the one hand, there is stability, security and reputability of the service, as well as full legal compliance with the corresponding industry in which they operate. Nevertheless, in an attempt to retain their convenience despite stringent security policies, the services additionally strived to ensure greater coverage, availability, fast and easy-to-use payment process.

With so many novelties…

…being constantly introduced into the marketplace, it is a surprise how existing, regular services have managed to retain their spot in the industry. Nowadays, the most innovative portion of the payment services’ combines the best of both worlds, allowing consumers to make use of familiar online banking through a highly secured payment facilitation channel. Such is the case with iDebit.

About iDebit

The iDebit online payment service functions as an intermediary between its partnering banks and their account holders. It is considered to be an e-wallet solution, although the service is additionally available without so much user involvement.

The iDebit service…

… came somewhat as a result of InstaDebit, the partnering service which predominantly catered to the Canadian market. This latter model improved its availability, and is nowadays freely used by consumers from over 20 countries worldwide. In order to make this happen, the iDebit service has constantly been working on partnering with all the major banking and financial institutions in the respective countries.

What is more,…

… the management team at the iDebit service has additionally been working on expanding their merchant network. The more e-commerce platforms their method is available on, the greater exposure and user traffic they get. Hence, iDebit is additionally striving to establish a presence at any online retailers and additional marketplaces catering to consumers from the eligible countries.

Speaking of it,…

… when it comes to iDebit, Canada is only just a starting point, while its network nowadays covers over a dozen different jurisdictions. Thus, anyone holding an account at the partnering banks from the following states is eligible to make use of iDebit payments:

About iDebit
  • Australia,
  • Belgium,
  • South Africa,
  • Sweden,
  • Netherlands,
  • Finland,
  • Spain,
  • Portugal,
  • Slovakia,
  • Latvia,
  • Hong Kong,
  • the UK,
  • Germany,
  • France,
  • Italy, etc.

iDebit is popular in these countries

How to Obtain an iDebit Account?

The best part about iDebit, which has helped it achieve such widespread success, is the choice it gives to its users. Consumers are able to make iDebit payments even if they have never used the service, don’t hold their own personal account or haven’t even once visited its official website.

As a payment facilitator,…

… the iDebit online service will accept users of this profile and act as their payment intermediary. In such cases, all you need to do as a consumer is select the iDebit payment method and choose to see the list of partnering banks. Here, all you need to do is select the one institution where you have an account that you can use to fund your online payments, and access the familiar platform. Once you specify the exact amount that you wish to use, just click ‘Approve’ to confirm the transaction.

Contrary to this,…

… there are numerous users looking to have their own personal account, an electronic wallet where they can have funds ready on standby. That way, these consumers avoid entering their banking platforms each time they need to make a purchase or deposit payment. The following steps illustrate the specifics of this procedure in detail:

Step 1: Head over to the official iDebit site and click on the Sign Up link in order to access the registration form. It requires interested parties to enter some basic personal information as all services do – name, address, date of birth, last digits of your social security number. These information are not required for intrusive purposes, but solely to affirm that the individual is 18 years of more of age.

Step 2: Further on, another mandatory criteria you would need to meet is the bank account. Upon signup, you will be required to enter the number of the bank account that you intend to use for such purposes. This helps keep the iDebit service compliant with its policies of catering solely to those users who hold an account at partnering banks.

Step 3: Considering you have established your credentials – username and password for future log in, all you need to do next is fund your e-wallet with the bank account chosen in the step above. Make sure you enter the exact amount of money you would like to hold in your e-wallet, and ultimately use for your online payments. After that, just direct yourself to the e-commerce platform of choice and purchase all you want.

Bear in mind…

… that there are some key differences between the two options – the former allows quicker and more direct access to your funds. However, the latter imposes the iDebit payment channel as an extra layer of protection between your e-merchant platform and the online banking service.

And with the fees policy that iDebit has, it may not be a significant charge, but it still is one – users can perform such online banking transactions with a fee charge of 1EUR/AUS/GBP, i.e. 1.50USD/CAD, while genuine iDebit e- account holders transferring funds from their e-wallet do not face any charges.

iDebit as an Online Casino Payment Method

Despite the fee, or the signup process, online consumers of all kinds are continuously crowding in on the iDebit e-wallet payment processor. Players at eligible online gambling sites, such as US and UK online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks and the likes, make up a large portion of e-wallet account holders nowadays.

This profile of iDebit clients makes extensive use of all the service’s advantageous points – security, speed, reliability and intuitive user profile. Employing it at the top gambling destinations is just as easy, as you will see from the step-by-step procedure below.

iDebit Deposits at Online Casino Sites

Step 1: Before you embark on your online gambling endeavor, bear in mind that iDebit as a payment method needs to be eligible for players of your profile. Make sure you hold a bank account at the partnering banks, and that you will be accordingly able to play at the online casino platforms offering this banking method. Considering its popularity, you shouldn’t feel restricted at all when choosing the top operator boasting your favorite slot titles, blackjack or other game variants.

Step 2: Register for an account with the casino platform, either at the beginning or the end of the whole procedure, and go straight to the Banking/Cashier section. Here, simply look for the iDebit sign, click on it, and choose whether you will opt for the direct transfer option or the e-wallet one.

Step 3: Depending on your choice, log into your online banking/e-wallet platform and simply specify the amount you would like to deposit to your casino player account. Click to approve the transaction, and you should see the funds available in your casino e-wallet momentarily.

iDebit Withdrawals from Online Casino Sites

Such online casino players are rather happy to know that they can additionally perform withdrawals with this service. Such transactions are a bit more restrictive – available in select jurisdictions, so that iDebit can remain legally compliant. For those that do have the ability to withdraw, the process is more or less the same as illustrated above.

Start your withdrawal request…

…by choosing iDebit as a payment method and inputting the amount of winnings you would like to cash out. Afterwards, choose to have the funds transferred to our e-wallet, or directly to the bank account. This is practically the same process as with the deposit, only in the opposite direction, but bear in mind that the direct bank transfer will additionally charge users a fee for the service, while the other won’t.

Advantages of iDebit

Advantages of iDebit Online Casino Payments

  • Security – The iDebit service is widely renowned for using the high-end 128 bit encryption certificate, a standard in top notch banking and financial institutions. What is more, they openly claim to prevent sharing of user personal information with partnering merchants, and securely store all player funds and data at distant, top security protected facilities.
  • Availability – Despite such stringency in security, the iDebit payment method has found a way to legally cater to casino players, and online consumers in general from multiple countries. Such global availability of the payment processing service is one of its key advantages, making the most of its potential.
  • Multiple currency conversion - Considering the fact that the service offers players to execute their payments in multiple currencies, a converter is essential for utmost convenience. The only thing users need to bear in mind is that the exchange takes place under specific iDebit rates, and will come with a small fee, just to cover the risk factor for the service.
  • Refund possibilities – The iDebit service itself does not offer a mediatory service with their partnering merchants when it comes to making refunds. Nevertheless, they do tend to partner with reputable platforms and operators, which guarantees that users will be able to address the official customer support at the e-commerce site and get a refund.
  • No risk of credit cards – Credit cards are some of the most sensitive financial solutions issued by respective institutions. If misused, they can get their holder in serious debts, while the information of the cards can be alternately applied at a number of places. The sole fact that the iDebit service eliminates credit cards, as well as debit ones, from the payment processing trajectory is boost enough to its overall advantageous nature.
  • Available withdrawals – Due to legal issues and restrictions in various jurisdictions worldwide, many payment processors do not facilitate withdrawals from online casino sites. iDebit, on the other hand, has found a way to remain within the boundaries of the law, and still enable a greater portion of the player pool to make use of this type of transactions.

Disadvantages of iDebit Online Casino Payments

  • Country limits – With all the global marketplaces that it caters to, the iDebit service is still far from the extent of the coverage achieved by leading credit and debit card processing services such as Visa. Hence, some players consider this to be a shortcoming for the service in general.
  • Fees policy – As mentioned earlier, the fees are rather insignificant and more symbolic than expensive. Still, just because players are in fact charged on their direct deposits, bank transfer withdrawals and currency conversion, some players are less willing to join the service.
  • Funds consolidation – While this is rarely available across such establishments, it isn’t a possibility at iDebit either. Funds consolidation means collection of funds from multiple accounts for the purpose of a single transaction. In other words, should players wish to make a $100 casino deposit, they will need to have the full amount in the e-wallet, or in the linked bank account, rather than summing up the balances from several accounts in order to get a hundred.

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Is there an iDebit customer support service for user inquiries and complaints?

Yes, iDebit users are eligible to receive constant customer service and support by the payment company. They can contact the team of representatives via email, phone line or direct live chat option, or alternately turn to the FAQ knowledgebase available straight from the official website for some general information.

Can I cancel the iDebit payment I have already approved and confirmed, i.e. are they reversible?

No, payments made via the iDebit processing facilitator are irreversible. However, the e-commerce platforms which offer it as a payment method are most reputable, and should not pose any complications for loyal consumers asking for a refund.

What is the exact fee charged for withdrawal transfers from your iDebit e-wallet balance to your bank account?

Every time you decide to cash out some funds from your iDebit e-wallet to a linked bank account, bear in mind that there is a fee of 2CAD/USD/EUR/GBP/AUD.

How can I register more than one bank account in order to be able to make iDebit payments with the funds in it?

All you need to do to add multiple bank accounts and link them with your iDebit account is to head straight to it, log in and choose to ‘Register a bank account’.

Is there a way to track and review the transactions made via the iDebit e-wallet, from the service or the bank of the associated account?

Yes, users can track their transactions with a precise log of each one of them straight from the iDebit website. Just log into the account and review it, or log into your bank account and check at the respective transaction log at that given platform.