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Last Updated: October 2, 2023

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EcoVoucher Casinos

PSI-Pay’s ecoVoucher prepaid product became available in 2016 as a convenient add-on to its popular ecoCard solution. As the name indicates, this is a prepaid virtual coupon system offering the safety and security only a company authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority can offer. Best for Canada-based users – more on that later - customers can get their hands on these from the Payment Source store network in Canada or via cyber resellers. Loading a voucher is as easy as choosing a prepaid value and spending is as simple as entering the unique PIN online.

Getting Started with ecoVoucher

Why do we say this is ideal for Canadians? Voucher purchase is available through Canada’s Payment Source store network making it more convenient for those customers to obtain. Yes, the product is open to buy for players in other countries but, and this is a big but, there are few resellers and the sites are in the Turkish language.

Sure, you can translate a Turkish website but you’ll find that the two resellers only offer the voucher in one currency, Euros, despite the supposed availability of USD, GBP and CAD currencies. With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that this product is new on the scene. We’ll give them time to expand; especially, since ecoCard is a reputable product.

Let’s move on to the rules, shall we? If you’re interested in anonymity, none of that applies here as you’ll be required to open an ecoVoucher account using personal identification details. The parent company is on the up and up in terms of compliance with payment industry regulations. Another key piece of information is that customers may only hold four vouchers with a combined value of no more than EUR 1,000.00 at one time.

Now that you’ve navigated your way through the buying process, take note of the PIN, which will be entered online to make purchases with any of the partner merchants. This includes select online casinos, of course. That’s why we’re here!

Also, note the expiration date. Unused funds may be transferred over to a new voucher to avoid fees.

The Bottom Line

There really aren’t a lot of benefits to using this product for online gambling purposes. A high roller may not get much value from it with a maximum value of €1,000 at any given time. On the plus side, you don’t have to use the entire value in one transaction.

While you are not necessarily ‘anonymous’ with ecoVoucher, using the solution to fund your casino account will save you from entering private banking information. Ah, but there is a downside to this. You cannot continue to add money to a voucher, so you’ll have to keep an alternative banking method on file for withdrawals.

Most of us are going to swiftly spend these, but if you don’t use up the value by the ‘Use by’ date, a nasty fee will be charged every month until there’s nothing left. If you don’t plan to transact in Euros, the only currency currently available via online resellers, you will also face currency conversion fees when making purchases or deposits in any other currency. Customers can request refunds only if the full value still remains.

Before making any moves, gauging the fees is recommended.

ecoVoucher FAQ

1. Can account holders request withdrawals using Payz as an online casino banking method?

Yes, Payz offers the option to withdraw your online casino winnings straight into your account. This can be performed at any time, although some operators will only require you to have made a deposit with the payment method as well (normally within the last 6 months).

2. What do I have to do to move up from the standard Classic level to Silver?

As most online payment processing services, this too will require its clients to verify their identity in order to access the first of the VIP ranks. In other words, in order to move up to Silver status, you will most likely need to provide some form of identification – an ID card, bank account, utility bill or other – to confirm that you are not performing identity theft.

3. What is 2-factor authentication and how can it make my account safer?

One of the best ways that online payment processing services have thought of in order to put some of the account security into the hands of the users is two-factor authentication. This is a means of accessing your account by providing a one-time-use code delivered to you straight from the service, aside from your usual PIN code.

Hence, it will change each time you need to access the account, make changes to the balance or other, with a new code being delivered via one of the options you have chosen. Most of the time, users choose to have it sent via text message to their phones, although it is also possible via email or online notification.

This adds to the overall account protection, even though the company is known to be licensed and compliant with international PCI requirements. What is more, all their platforms and operations are fully encrypted and protected by the latest SSL tech.

4. How long does it take for the service to process online casino transactions?

Both deposits and withdrawals fall under the category of online casino transactions, but they are processed differently by most payment methods. This includes Payz, since the former should only be a matter of seconds before you see the funds credited to your online casino account. After that, you will receive confirmation that the transfer is complete, and can make use of your balance as you please.

Withdrawals are also processed fast, although they can take from a couple of hours to a whole day depending on various factors. These include the specific casino operator, any inside policies regarding payment processing and checks, as well as the player’s country of residence, its regulations and more.

5. Is ecoPayz available for mobile and tablet devices?

Yes, Payz and all its separate services (ecoCard, ecoAccount, ecoVoucher) are available across multiple platforms and on various devices. Therefore, all you have to do in order to make a deposit to your mobile casino is to access the account through your smartphone or tablet, choose ecoPayz as a payment method, and turn to the inherent app of the service in order to complete the transfer.


Being redirected back into your online casino account is enough time to get the funds ready for your gameplay, so you wouldn’t waste a breath without being completely serviced.

6. Can I use Payz at online poker sites ,online sportsbooks or other gambling platforms aside from casinos?

As a payment processing service that allows account holders access to multiple retail and e-commerce platforms worldwide due to its availability, it is no wonder it gained such great popularity in the world of interactive gambling. Top online casinos have been known to offer their services the chance to enjoy smooth and seamless banking through this payment method.

Following in their footsteps, operators providing online poker, as well as online sportsbooks and other sites (such as horse race betting) are also adopting it as a valuable asset in their banking page.

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