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PSI-Pay’s ecoVoucher prepaid product became available in 2016 as a convenient add-on to its popular ecoCard solution. As the name indicates, this is a prepaid virtual coupon system offering the safety and security only a company authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority can offer. Best for Canada-based users – more on that later - customers can get their hands on these from the Payment Source store network in Canada or via cyber resellers. Loading a voucher is as easy as choosing a prepaid value and spending is as simple as entering the unique PIN online.

Getting Started with ecoVoucher

Why do we say this is ideal for Canadians? Voucher purchase is available through Canada’s Payment Source store network making it more convenient for those customers to obtain. Yes, the product is open to buy for players in other countries but, and this is a big but, there are few resellers and the sites are in the Turkish language.

Sure, you can translate a Turkish website but you’ll find that the two resellers only offer the voucher in one currency, Euros, despite the supposed availability of USD, GBP and CAD currencies. With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that this product is new on the scene. We’ll give them time to expand; especially, since ecoCard is a reputable product.

Let’s move on to the rules, shall we? If you’re interested in anonymity, none of that applies here as you’ll be required to open an ecoVoucher account using personal identification details. The parent company is on the up and up in terms of compliance with payment industry regulations. Another key piece of information is that customers may only hold four vouchers with a combined value of no more than EUR 1,000.00 at one time.

Now that you’ve navigated your way through the buying process, take note of the PIN, which will be entered online to make purchases with any of the partner merchants. This includes select online casinos, of course. That’s why we’re here!

Also, note the expiration date. Unused funds may be transferred over to a new voucher to avoid fees.

The Bottom Line

There really aren’t a lot of benefits to using this product for online gambling purposes. A high roller may not get much value from it with a maximum value of €1,000 at any given time. On the plus side, you don’t have to use the entire value in one transaction.

While you are not necessarily ‘anonymous’ with ecoVoucher, using the solution to fund your casino account will save you from entering private banking information. Ah, but there is a downside to this. You cannot continue to add money to a voucher, so you’ll have to keep an alternative banking method on file for withdrawals.

Most of us are going to swiftly spend these, but if you don’t use up the value by the ‘Use by’ date, a nasty fee will be charged every month until there’s nothing left. If you don’t plan to transact in Euros, the only currency currently available via online resellers, you will also face currency conversion fees when making purchases or deposits in any other currency. Customers can request refunds only if the full value still remains.

Before making any moves, gauging the fees is recommended. 

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In which markets is the ecoVoucher officially available now?

Canada has already been mentioned as the most prosperous market for this payment method, initially. Nevertheless, since Canadians first managed to experience the benefits of the service, many others have also followed suit, such as the Middle East.

As of recently, residents of more countries – India, Kenya, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana – are also eligible to obtain the ecoVoucher and use it for online payment purposes.

Speaking of which, residents of most of these jurisdictions will have both options available when it comes to getting their own ecoVoucher. They distinguish between land-based purchase from an authorized vendor, or alternately, online ordering, purchase and arranged delivery of the ecoVoucher. In fact, considering that the major thing about it is its 18-digit code, you could practically get it over email with the designated sum, and use it at any e-merchant site you would like. As experience shows, this inevitably includes online casino sites for Canadians, or any of the other countries, for that matter.

What fees are associated with the voucher?

Commonly, there is a general customer fee that has been presented alongside this product, amounting to 2.9%. Many promotions and offers can help you get over it all the more easily, even though it shouldn’t be too much to handle as it is.

What are some of the most significant advantages of the ecoVoucher?

As pointed out straight from its official website, the ecoVoucher is a prepaid electronic payment service, allowing users to transfer funds as fast and securely as possible. Still, there is one even more advantageous functionality to this solution, and that is its use to top up your ecoAccount, or more precisely, your ecoPayz.

Considering that they are both issued by the same company, there is no fee in transactions between the two. What is more, they are mostly available hand-in-hand, at the same online retail and land-based sale locations.

For online casino players, specifically, there is one most evident advantage – the limited amount of funds. In other words, any individual user can hold up to 4 vouchers at a given time, and a maximum EUR1,000 balance across them all. This is understandable considering that each voucher has a max value of €250. While this may be slightly limiting for the serious high-roller, it can serve as great betting strategy preventing players from spending too much funds. The prepaid character also contributes to this purpose – what you pay is what you can spend.

What are the top suitable alternatives to the ecoVoucher, in case I am not eligible to make use of it in my country of residence?

When viewing the ecoVoucher as any regular payment method, the options for its alternatives abound. Players and prospective users alike can turn to alternative solutions such as globally accepted e-wallets – PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, as well as local, dedicated solutions.

Alternately, when regarding the ecoVoucher as a funding method for your ecoAccount, the best alternatives should be sought out among local and international bank transfer options.

Aside from my online casino account, are there any other possibilities to use the ecoVoucher?

Yes, the ecoVoucher’s use has expanded over the years beyond funding your online casino account, or your ecoPayz account, and is nowadays available across all kinds of online retailers and other services.

Can I be sure that the ecoVoucher is as safe as the rest of the ecoAccount brand products provided by the PSI-Pay Ltd company?

Yes, you can be sure that this service by the reputable PSI-Pay FCA-authorized company is just as safe and reliable as all the rest available on offer.

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