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Deposit/Withdrawal via Telephone Casinos

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The early days of interactive online gaming and gambling practices may have caught everyone a bit unprepared. Sure, the Internet was already a concept that most people were familiar with, while blackjack table games and one-armed bandits had been a popular pastime for centuries by then.

However, the late XX century still needed to catch up in a lot of other aspects in order to make all the advancements work together.

Online gambling platforms, casinos per se, are normally distinguished and selected on their merits – how well they meet the player’s expectations in terms of key features. Hence, when it came to making improvements, these aspects were the first to be targeted.

Soon afterward, a number of gaming software companies appeared in order to boost diversity, developing all sorts of titles to meet theme, gameplay, reward and other player preferences. At the same time, operators of such establishments dedicated a range of player offers, bonuses and promos to boost players’ confidence in their reliability.


Along with that, banking methods as the main factor that keeps all of this going has definitely seen its fair share of attention and upgrading. The diverse services which make it possible for players to enjoy real money gameplay, and all the while benefit from their investments took on many different formats. Some existing banking institutions continued offering their processing solutions, while all the more novel establishments contributed towards player satisfaction.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of banking methods that allow players to make practically revolutionary deposits and withdrawals at their casino sites. Speed, convenience, fee rates and security are still top concerns, and one option that has been known to cover them for a while now is phone payments.

The Concept of Pay-by-Phone

In order for individuals to be able to use their phone in order to pay for all kinds of online services, online gambling included, the two parties needed to develop a certain concept.

The same is true with most of the other payment processing options available out there. Credit and debit cards, for instance, are issued by banks all over the world, with a range of processors which make the funds' transfer possible. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are definitely the most prominent companies in this regard, offering cardholders that bear their logo a payment processing channel for practically any kind of transaction.

These processors...

... take the amount of funds you have specified in the deposit request from your account (debit or credit) and transfer it safely to the e-commerce platform, or vice versa. For a while, these were the most popular online payment options, but people eventually grew wary of having to share their personal and banking details with an unknown third party.

This resulted in...

... more modern and innovative banking services, starting from prepaid and gift cards, through e-wallets and online processing facilitators, all the way to completely decentralized cryptocurrencies. Yet, in order to use any of the aforementioned choices, people would still need to turn to their regular bank accounts for purchasing the prepaid cards, funding the e-wallets or at crypto-exchange platforms.

Ultimately, phone payments were introduced as the optimal choice for the portion of the audience that was still reluctant to share personal info. The need for a mediating service that would transmit the information of funds transfer remained; ultimately, this brought about some of the top processors for mobile transactions:

  • Boku
  • Zimpler
  • Payforit

The rise of mobile device use became most evident during the last decade, as smartphones running on leading operating systems such as Android and iOS provided much greater functionality to their users. Internet connections, greater bandwidth and additional capabilities allowed numerous online services to turn mobile, further boosting the use of this payment method.

Deposits/Withdrawals via Telephone

Deposits/Withdrawals via Telephone at Online Casino Sites

Online gambling...

... is surely one of the fastest growing industries since their initial appearance about two decades ago. Poker rooms, sports betting platforms and online casino floors have been flooding the market on a daily basis, each trying to distinguish their product from the rest for greater presence.

Nevertheless, this progressive industry has often times been identified as the source of some trouble. As a result, operators and accompanying services have developed multiple ways to guide players towards more reliable payment methods, especially those that didn’t put them in a position to risk going over their credit line.

Phone deposits and withdrawals use funds that you will either pay as part of your phone bill, or have them directly deducted from your prepaid credit. SMS payments are also available; either way, all these options allow players to remain in control of their bankroll spending practices.

  • Pay by Phone

As mentioned earlier, the process of making phone payments is based on the same secure principle as any other payment processors. All you need to do with those is fund them with a certain amount; with phones, the respective processor that is available at your chosen casino site would need to credit the funds from somewhere.

For those holding a long-term contract...

... with their mobile operator, there is one option – the funds are credited in advance and reflected in your phone bill for the specific month. That way, when the bill arrives at the end of the amount, it holds both your regular phone charges and the additional ones for online payments.

Don’t worry though, you wouldn’t have to wait to get the bill and pay it just so you can have the funds in your player account – on the contrary, the funds are instantly available in your player account. They should be credited at the online casino in a matter of moments, allowing you to enjoy hands-on real money casino gameplay right away.


... not everyone has a two-year contract with their operator, so to speak. In fact, there are just as many people nowadays that still keep to the good old prepaid scheme. It remained popular among the public due to its clear-cut spending option, as you are basically charged on a service to service basis.

Hence, when it came to online casino deposits, these prepaid credit phone numbers were an even more suitable option. All players needed to do was make sure they had paid enough money into their prepaid phone account so that the payment processing mechanism would have enough funds to execute the payment. Make sure you check on your credit before specifying your deposit amount, as requests are regularly denied in case of insufficient funds.

  • SMS Deposits

Sending an SMS...

... is yet another way to get funds credited into your online player account straight from your mobile. This SMS will need to contain the information requested by the operator, as well as the deposit amount; afterwards, a partnering company mediates the transfer between the phone operator service and the online gambling platform for instant and seamless transactions.

Pay by Phone for an Online Casino

Pay by Phone for an Online Casino Deposit

Step 1: First thing to do when getting started with online casino phone deposits is to check for the availability of this payment method at your casino’s banking page. Most operators don’t list this as a phone payment option, but rather display the specific processing apps that get the transfer done. So, if you find the logo of Boku, Zimpler or any other reliable payment processor of this nature at your banking page, log in and head straight for it.

Step 2: Once you are on the casino floor, and move to the banking section, click on your preferred app. It should display specific instructions that players will need to follow for a successful transfer. Most of the time, you will need to input your basic personal information and your phone number. Depending on the service available at the casino, you may be given a list of phone providers to choose from as well.

Step 3: Once you enter the general information and phone number, you can approve the transaction and wait for the confirmation text to arrive on your phone. Once you get the text, the specific amount of funds will be either deducted of your prepaid credit or added to your monthly phone bill. Most services have one-step verification, although depending on several factors such as your country of residence, chosen casino operator and the likes, you may be subject to 3-step verification.

Step 4: Once this is all done, you are free to head back to the casino site. Load the banking page with your online casino player e-wallet and find the funds credited there, available for all your online gambling endeavors.

Online Casino Withdrawals via Telephone

Most online casino players choose their payment method based on security, speed and convenience. While the payment method has these features, it is usually preferable that it processes deposits and withdrawals both. That way, players can choose the same method for both payments, and save themselves from potentially having to perform two different processes or remember two different user names and passwords.

While this service does not allow players to withdraw their winnings from their online casino accounts, there are no complicated procedures that could burden you additionally. Hence, when you have accumulated enough gameplay wins, just head back to the banking page, choose from the alternative range of options and request your withdrawal.


  • Security – These transactions offer some of the highest levels of security among online casino payment methods. After all, most of the other options will ask you for your bank account number, or an e-wallet address. Either way, as long as you need to get the funds from one location to another, your details could get compromised.
To prevent such situations, companies employ high-end encryption and protection; the same goes for online phone payment processing services. They focus on your phone number as a form of identification and make sure it is protected from outside influence.
  • Speed – Like the deposit section shows, as soon as you make the transaction and complete the authorization process, the funds will be immediately available in your casino player account. While withdrawals are not available, deposits are definitely premium with this payment method.
  • Ease of use – Most people are already quite familiar with the phone payment schemes and the different bills they can accrue. This service builds upon this and reconciles the new charges with the old so that players wouldn’t even need to learn any additional procedures or memorize new passwords – simply input the number and wait to have the funds deducted from your credit or added towards the next month’s phone bill.
  • Accessibility – In practical terms, there are no geographical limits to this payment method, meaning players from all over the world are able to use it. Even if you aren’t able to find a suitable casino while staying at your own country, you may have better luck abroad, at any of your vacation spots.
  • Financial benefits – There is no doubt that such payment methods bear financial benefits in the background. Just like debit cards and pre-funded digital wallets, this type of payment can only transfer as many funds as you hold, thus preventing you from running up debts.


  • Fee charges – Most of the aforementioned top processing services will get the phone transaction performed impeccably, but will charge a fee for it. In the past, these charges would run up to 30% or 40% of the payment, but nowadays, a maximum of 10% sees players willing to pay the price to enjoy completely protected fast, and nearly anonymous payments.
  • Limited choices – This payment method is fairly popular among eligible players; however, not too many casinos offer it as a choice due to the large competitiveness among online operators. In the search to top other competitors, they tend to turn to methods that offer greater functionality, lower fees, and both deposit and withdrawal services, which has somewhat limited the choice of casinos where the method is available.
  • Lack of withdrawal options – Just the fact that players need to seek out a different method for cashouts is enough of a put-off for most players. They feel inconvenienced and alternately seek out a more comprehensive online casino banking option.

Deposit/Withdrawal via telephone Casinos

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I deposited some money into my casino account this month, but the phone operator hasn’t charged me with it in this bill. What is wrong?

Don’t worry, this depends on the time of the month when you made the deposit. If it was by the end of the billing period, the charge will be alternatively calculated in next month’s bill.

Is there any customer support service for issue resolution or assistance?

Phone operators do not offer customer support for these operations. Nevertheless, players can feel free to turn to the customer support representatives at their chosen online casinos and seek assistance there.

What are the top popular online casino operators that allow such payments?

The top online casino destinations offering phone deposits and withdrawals include Jackpot Capital, Grande Vegas, Golden Euro Casino, Fair Go Casino and many more.

Which are the top payment method alternatives I can choose from?

The top alternatives would include debit cards or direct bank transfers, as well as more modern e-wallet options such as PayPal and Skrill.

Will I face any trouble when choosing a bonus or promotion, if I have used this banking method?

No, you should be able to claim whatever offer you choose as long as you meet the requirements for eligibility. These rarely specify the banking method you have used, or may explicitly point out to benefits for using a novel method in order to promote it. Still, all in all, phone deposits bear just as much weight as any other method.