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Looking for the best online casino that fits your needs will inevitably lead you to examine more closely all the key aspects which contribute to a thrilling experience. While choosing a platform that offers all the top slots, poker tables or other card games will definitely prove to be entertaining, there is also some financial responsibility to be accounted for in this endeavour.

When talking about...

...proper bankroll management, staking and betting strategies, and overall security of player funds, it is crucial to take into account all the banking method variants at disposal. For such efficient and profitable online gameplay, players normally turn to finding the most suitable payment option.



...diversity in type and format is not an issue, as players are all the more able to choose from a wider pool of banking and payment processing services. Traditional, standard options such as credit cards, debit cards, bank wire transfers or checks have been boosted significantly by novel intermediary services such as online processors and e-wallets.

With the rise...

... of smartphones’ popularity, it seemed only natural to make use of its massive expansion to further improve online transaction processing. With more than just online casinos and sportsbooks benefiting from such services, the top instances were able to build up quite a name brand for themselves across the whole e-commerce industry.

About Boku

The Boku payment processing system is a payment facilitation service that operates in correlation with the phone industry. It has successfully identified the widespread use of these devices and managed to turn the simple SIM card, i.e. every individual’s phone number into an ID.

More precisely,…

… the Boku service was originally set up in San Francisco, California, back in 2003, as an online payment processing service working in collaboration with mobile phone operators. It was initially established as a pay-by-phone service, but nowadays allows users to access all operations through phone, tablet or desktop device.

About Boku

What is interesting…

… about Boku payments is that it employs a piece of technology that has already existed for many years for its primary purpose, and was only reinvented by such an establishment. This payment option made use of a regular phone number in order to distinguish between online consumers, yet eliminate the need for them to share all kinds of private banking information.

Security is…

… a major concern for online merchants and retail platforms in general, mostly for the responsibility they bear towards clients’ personal info. Thus, they turn to the top payment processing solutions which offer high-end protection, encryption and funds transfer, one such being Boku.

Types of Boku Payment Solutions

The Boku service is able to influence many additional aspects of the e-commerce industry, starting from client conversion and retention, through security and reliability, to utter convenience. For one, most users who manage to find their way all the way to the payment point at an online retail platform get discouraged from the lack of a suitable payment option. Even if they do find one that does fit their current accounts and balance, it may not be worth their risk.

That is where security takes over – established services make use of all the latest preventive measures, leaving their long-built reputation to guarantee for the banking information consumers share. Ultimately, Boku manages to achieve the optimized service image through its availability and convenience. After all, not everyone may hold a bank account, credit or debit card, but there is hardly any chance that they don’t have a phone with at least one operating number.

Working on these merits, the Boku payment processing service has developed two key types of payment solutions:

  • Boku Checkout – The Checkout option allows all kinds of e-commerce retail destinations to include Boku as a viable payment method for their consumer pool. Online shopping often leads buyers to making single purchases from specific merchant platforms, which is why they benefit the most from a one-stop payment processing solution such as this one.
          Boku Checkout is entirely web-based, compatible with all kinds of e-commerce platforms. It allows consumers to make single payments using their phone            number – either charging it on their phone billing or prepaid credit – without storing additional information.
  • Boku Direct – As for those looking for a payment solution worth dedicating to, Boku Direct is a common option at online and mobile platforms. It allows users to log into the system upon their initial payment or purchase by entering their phone number. This sends an SMS to the respective number which needs to be confirmed for verification purposes. Afterwards, each access to the platform allows users to make transactions without wasting time to sign in and identify yourself before each payment.

Additional merchant and operator solutions are further listed on the Boku official website. Starting from Boku Acquire and Boku Account, it is more than evident that the service aims to benefit all parties involved. The former is a kind of an ice-breaker in the Boku family, as it is often offered as the payment option for certain app or service trials, promoted by the partnering mobile operators through their various channels (SMS, bills, notifications and other promotional material). As for the latter, Boku Accounts, it offers the straightforward Checkout functionality, with even better insight into transaction records and expenditures.

For operator support, Boku additionally offers the Connect and Optimize solutions. While the first boasts compatibility and customization functionality of the service, all in the name of fitting a wider pool of e-commerce platforms, Optimize introduces the necessary analytic potential. It provides practical data on Boku payments all to the purpose of maximizing profit and minimizing losses for all parties.

Boku as an Online Casino Payment

Boku as an Online Casino Payment Method

Due to the numerous benefits of this payment method, the online gambling operators soon saw it as an optimal solution to their own transaction processing matter. After all, with most top online casinos packing enough game variety from top software providers, lack of suitable banking methods is the sole obstacle from operators’ peak traffic.

Boku Deposits at Online Casino Sites

Before making a deposit at online casino sites, bear in mind that most of them make use of the Boku Direct payment solution for online merchants. That means that you will need to register at the official service website beforehand, or during your initial deposit request. Either way, make sure to sign up through the simple and straightforward procedure. Just access the registration form and input the necessary user information – phone number and password.

Your phone number…

… will hereafter serve as an ID among the Boku client pool, which is why it is essential to make sure no one is abusing your device or mobile service. For this purpose, a final step of the registration process is the verification – interested individuals who have set up the account will receive an authentication SMS on the phone number they have listed.

All you need to do to confirm your identity and further intentions is reply it with the text ‘Y’; otherwise, reply with ‘N’ in order to end further payment processing between Boku and your phone bill.

Step 1: Boku account holders are thus free to head straight to the respective casino website. In this regard, finding a Boku casino platform should be a key requirement during your selection process. Should the specific casino fit all your requirements, simply head straight to the registration page and become their latest member of the player pool.

Step 2: For such novice players to engage in real money slot and other gameplay action at the casino platform, they would need to fund their player accounts. So, head straight to the Banking/Cashier section and choose the Boku payment processor, or alternately click on the ‘Pay by phone’ option. This will provide you a new window where you can choose from all the partnering mobile phone operators.

Step 3: Having identified your operator among the available ones, all you need to do is access the Boku service through the phone number and password signup credentials you created previously and specify the exact deposit amount.

Step 4: Transaction confirmation will inevitably ensue from the Boku service, regardless if you have registered or not. It serves as a dual-factor authentication feature, and definitely helps players double-check their phone billing records. After confirmation, the funds are instantly available at your online casino player e-wallet, ready to fund every blackjack table bet you can make.

Boku Withdrawals from Online Casinos

Boku Withdrawals from Online Casino Sites

Unfortunately for Boku enthusiasts, online casinos don’t offer the payment facilitation service as their withdrawal method. This is so due to the unique nature of the service which acts as an intermediary between the actual phone bills, i.e. prepaid credit, and the casino platform.

Nevertheless, considering it cannot store funds in order to function as a withdrawal option, operators have sought out the top alternative solutions to replace it. Hence, nowadays, Boku depositors at online casino websites are most likely to choose from the numerous e-wallet banking options, online processors or even cryptocurrencies the likes of Bitcoin. Just as many opt for standard credit and debit card, paper checks or even direct bank transfers when it comes to cashing out their casino winnings.

Benefits of Boku Online Casino Deposits

  • Security – The service completely eliminates the use of any banking information and detail entries. As a result of that, in combination with their existing top-notch encryption, there is no denying the security standards set by Boku.
  • Availability – with over 50 countries, and 170+ partnering carriers, the current status at the Boku website claims to have over 3 billion users worldwide. Considering it recently surpassed the billion threshold in terms of yearly processed funds, there is much more to be expected from Boku than what is seen so far.
  • Lack of fees – The Boku payment processing service is completely free of charge, as the company has found an alternative source of sustainability.
  • Compatibility & customization – Considering it can be accessed at both regular e-commerce platforms and by online casino players, from all devices, there is no doubt about the services’ compatibility and customization convenience.
  • Instant transactions – Transactions processed via Boku are instant, as long as you have your phone at hand and are ready to verify the transaction as soon as it is launched.

Disadvantages of Boku Online Casino Payments

  • Industry restrictions – Despite such great global coverage, the service is not equally available when it comes to the different industries it caters to. Thus, in the case of the USA, regular online retail platforms can freely offer it as a payment option, unlike online gambling platforms which are strictly forbidden by relevant legal regulations.
  • Small transaction limits – Those who opt to gamble using Boku as their deposit method should know that the service fits novices and amateurs better than highrollers. This is so due to the $30 cap of the deposit amount which can be processed from a single transaction.

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Can players at the top US online casino sites make use of the Boku payment processing service?

No, US players at online casino sites will need to look for an alternative payment option for their deposits and withdrawal requests.

What types of customer support contact options are eligible to Boku users?

Users can address the extensive FAQ knowledgebase available at the website, as well as the direct contact form.

Will I be able to claim online casino bonuses when depositing with the Boku banking method?

Yes, Boku is just as well as any other online casino deposit method, and should not cause players any trouble when claiming deposit-related bonuses. What is more, some casinos even opt to offer dedicated Boku bonuses to their player pool, prompting further use of the service.

What are the top online platforms outside of the iGaming industry which make use of this payment processor?

Aside from the leading online casino payment processors, there are numerous online businesses such as Facebook, Perfect World Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, Z-8, EA, Stardoll, Playdom, Badoo, Playspan, Jagex and many more which make use of Boku as an eligible banking option through which they charge their consumer pool.

How will Boku payments appear on my phone bill records?

On your phone bill, considering you are using a postpaid number instead of the pay-as-you-go option, you will see a record of transactions made to Boku. It operates as the intermediary, extra layer of protection between the consumer’s number and their chosen online casino platform, and does not disclose any details that could be misused.