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Ask the Wizard #121

Didn’t Kiss Casino used to use Boss Media? If so what are the odds that I could get their welcome bonus again with their current software?

"Anonymous" .

Yes, Kiss used to be a Boss casino. I’d say your odds are quite good of getting the welcome bonus again. I’ve pretended to be a new player when a casino changed software a few times and it has always worked for me.

How did you arrive at 2072 for the number of straight flushes utilizing 4 cards out of 5 in Four Card Poker?

"Anonymous" .

First I separated the straight flushes into two types, those with four consecutive suited cards and those with five. The number of five cards straight flushes is the number of suits * number of spans (ace to 10 as lowest card) = 4*10 = 40. Four the four card straight flushes there are 11 different spans (ace to jack as the low card). In the case of the A234 and JQKA straight flushes the fifth card can be one of 47 (52 less the 4 cards already removed and the fifth card which would form a 5 card straight flush, which were already accounted for). So there are 4*2*47=376 straight flushes of span A234 or JQKA. Of the other nine there are 46 possible cards for the fifth card (52 less the 4 cards already removed and two for cards that would form a five-card straight flush). So the number of straight flushes of span 2345 to TJQK are 4*9*46=1656. So the total number of 4-card straight flushes are 40+376+1656=2072.

I think the seller of should be blacklisted. I told him that on your page I could get the same information, given in his "system", for free. Furthermore the seller denies me a refund, which according to my experience is very rare among serious sellers, although he WOULD give me a refund, provided I show him some gaming log thus proving that I have lost money following his "guidelines". He even mocks me in his emails, when I've been asking for refunds. Check out the system that I got access to for almost $20 and see for yourself. Is that a good system? Is it worth the money?

"Anonymous" .

Thank you for giving me the login to read this guide, but of course I can't repeat it here. This product basically says to go from Internet casino to casino milking new player bonuses playing blackjack basic strategy. The basic strategy chart was obviously stolen from my site. There is some value in his list of bonus offers, which you don't have to pay for, but that is about it. Milking Internet casinos for bonuses is a common knowledge advantage play. Back in 2000 or earlier it was very lucrative but today it is a tough grind due to smaller bonuses and increased play requirements. I don't have a blacklist for this type of thing but am thinking of adding one. Sorry you wasted your $20 but I hope this warning will give you some justice.

What is the house edge in solitaire?

"Anonymous" .

I don’t know. If you find out please tell me. I’m particularly interested because Cryptologic casinos just introduced two versions of Klondike solitaire.

The Daniel Rainsong challenge made good reading. However after some thought I can only conclude that: 1. Daniel wanted a professional analysis of his system, to confirm for himself whether or not it had a positive expectation 2. Daniel concluded that risking $2000 for $20000 was clearly preferable to simply paying someone [like yourself] to analyze his ’procedure’. I don’t know what you charge to analyze a game, but I am confident it would be more than $2000 in this case. If so, using the Wizard’s Challenge was a very smart choice -- no matter how small the chance of success. Nevertheless, your decision to accept the challenge and decline the surrender was an even smarter choice! The final irony is that this story will probably result in MORE ill-conceived systems. What do you think?

"Anonymous" .

I offered a straight no-bet analysis to Mr. Rainsong for $1000 but he declined. He felt very strongly that he would win. The less evidence there is for anything, the stronger the faith of the believers. I charge more than $2000 to analyze most games but this was just a simulation. All I had to do was modify my existing blackjack simulator to fit the rules of this procedure. Not surprisingly Mr. Rainsong has had lots of interested buyers in his system despite the fact that it failed my test. All I can do is tell the truth that systems don’t work over the long run. Whatever the masses do with my advice is up to them.