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Last Updated: March 28, 2020

LiveStream -- 03/26/2020

Live Stream
Date: March 26, 2020
Topic: Ask me anything

Topics of Discussion:

  • Money, monocles and dead bodies
  • Livestream contest rules
  • Coronavirus: How Vegas casinos are treating their workers
  • The Wizard bicycles down an empty Strip (part 1)
  • Stephen King book: "The Stand"
  • The Wizard's biggest bets
  • Blackjack tournament strategy
  • Is investing in stocks a form of gambling?
  • The Wizard bicycles down an empty Strip (part 2)
  • $20 for a dance?
  • Money management for reaching a win goal
  • The Wizard bicycles down an empty Strip (part 3)
  • Ball steering and wheel clocking in roulette
  • Which imploded Vegas casinos does the Wizard miss?
  • Casino spread of table games and field trials
  • Dotty's casinos
  • Time travel to Vegas past and old school blackjack
  • Paper currency art and colors from around the world
  • The Atomic Testing Museum
  • Playing chess
  • Livestream contest drawing
  • Coronavirus in Nevada
  • Beatles or Stones?